Legalon 140

Legalon - herbal drug for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.

Pharmacological action

The active substance legalon, silibinin, derived from the fruit spotted thistle. Preparations tend antitoxic, hepatoprotective, antioxidant action.

The therapeutic effect of the drug is a decrease in complaints of heaviness in the right upper quadrant, weakness, vomiting, poor appetite, itching, to improve the general condition of patients with liver disease.

There are reviews of Legalon, that its use increases the survival of patients with liver cirrhosis.

Product form

Legalon release capsules or dragees, suspensions.

There are two forms of the preparation - Legalon Legalon140 70 and containing 70 mg of silibinin and 140 respectively.


Legalon according to the instructions shown in the liver damage caused by alcohol, drugs (paracetamol, tuberculostatics, oral contraceptives, psychotropic agents, anesthetics, immunosuppressants, antibiotics), chronic liver toxicity of heavy metals, halogenated hydrocarbons.

Good reviews of legalon participating in treatment of chronic inflammatory liver diseases, cirrhosis, applicable in the states after toxic, infectious hepatitis, fatty liver, dystrophy, correction of lipid metabolism.

Instructions for use legalon

Legalon140 for the treatment of severe liver disease drink one capsule three p / day.

After assessing the condition of the patient on the admission of one capsule two Legalon140 p / day. You can receive and Legalon 70mg - two pills three p / day. In cases where the disease is milder to start prescribed Legalon 70mg - one, two three dragees r / day and then take one of three dragees r / day.

 Legalon suspension
 The instructions Legalon said that the capsules or pills can not chew

The suspension Legalon take in the early treatment of severe conditions - four p / day for 1st measuring spoon (10ml, which contains approximately 100 mg of silibinin). When maintenance therapy received on 1st spoon two dimensional p / day (about 200mg silibinin).

Children under severe conditions allow for the 1st spoon legalon three dimensional p / day, after a while - at 0, 5 tablespoons three dimensional p / day.

Side effects

Reviews Legalon mostly positive. In rare cases, a lung disorder, due to intolerance may be an allergic reaction.

Contraindications legalon

Legalon, Legalon 140 contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the facility.

Patients with diabetes mellitus may be taking the drug - it does not contain dextrose.