Lavital is a biologically active food supplements, which contain extracts of various herbs and designed for complex treatment of alcoholism. Admission Lavitalya, reviews, promotes rapid  Lavital per pack
 relief of the symptoms of a hangover, restores, improves mood and reduces craving for consumption of alcoholic beverages.

The mechanism of action of the drug Lavital:

  • Completely eliminates or significantly reduces the cravings for various alcoholic beverages;
  • In the initial stages of alcoholism Lavital allows to interrupt the bout without seeking drug treatment;
  • According to reviews, Lavital significantly improves the condition of patients in the period out of the binge, reduces the severity of withdrawal symptoms;
  • Neutralizes the toxic effect of alcohol on the body and its metabolites;
  • The drug Lavital has hepatoprotective effects, ie It protects, restores and renews the liver cells;
  • Restores normal function of virtually all internal organs, broken as a result of alcohol abuse;
  • Normalizes sleep and appetite;
  • Quickly recover from alcohol poisoning.

The instructions to Lavitalyu noted that the drug has a positive effect on the nervous system and mental condition of the person:

  • It reduces symptoms of irritability caused by withdrawal syndrome;
  • Improves overall psychological state;
  • Eliminates anger and aggression;
  • It promotes psychological stability aimed at complete abstinence from alcohol.


The preparation Lavital is a complex herbal extracts: green tea, motherwort, hawthorn, Russian thistle, milk thistle, dandelion drug, lemon balm, chamomile pharmacy, thyme. In addition, Lavital contains vitamins B 1 and B 6 And food sodium benzoate. The drug is given by non-uniform in composition of the liquid with a faint odor of herbs and vitamins. The color of the liquid may vary from a pale yellow to dark brown.

Lavital: instructions for use

Preparation  Admission Lavitalya promotes reduction of symptoms of a hangover
 Lavital recommended for complex treatment of alcohol dependence. It can also be used to treat alcohol withdrawal syndrome and the effects of acute alcohol poisoning.

Lavital be taken, dissolved in a small amount of water or mixed with any food. Before using the vial should be vigorously shake a few times.

To avoid unpleasant and painful sensations associated with an overdose of alcohol, according to instructions, Lavital be taken every hour for up to 25 drops of normalization of the general condition.

In cases where you need to quickly recover, drug Lavital adopted on 35 drops every 40 minutes. Depending on the initial state Lavital take a total of from one to six times.

The instructions to Lavitalyu noted that although the drug and not a drug, but before its application is still necessary to consult with your doctor.


The drug is contraindicated Lavital if you are hypersensitive to any of its components. In addition, Lavital not recommended for use by pregnant women and during lactation.

Storage conditions Lavitalya

Lavital should be stored at room temperature in a dry and protected from direct sunlight. Shelf life - 6 months from the date of manufacture. After opening the bottle it is stored no longer than ten days.