Laveron women
 Laveron - a drug to stimulate an erection, sexual desire.

Pharmacological action Laverona

Laveron considered dietary supplements used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Reproductive function, libido drug does not affect its effect manifests in strong sexual arousal.

There are reviews of Laverone confirming that increases sexual activity means not only men but also women.

Laveron - of vegetable origin, its membership included plantain, hibiscus, Chinese dodder and Chinese zamaniha, istoda, Indian lotus, red raspberry American floating tsistanchiya, garlic, narrow-leaved olive, achyranthes bidentate smooth rose, oriental arborvitae, astragalus, ginkgo biloba American zhenzhen, adhesive remmaniya, eykommiya, cinnamon tree.

Means increases sexual activity due to the fact that in its composition the extracts of plants reduced blood flow in the tissues of the genital organs. Also it found that these components have a beneficial effect on the nervous, cardiovascular and endocrine system.

Laveron for women is recommended as a drug that removes frigidity and anorgasmia, enhances the feeling during sex. These properties of biological additives realized by increasing the blood supply to the tissues of the clitoris.

Laveron effective for men by increasing blood supply to the tissues of the penis. Patients taking the drug, noted that even after the application of one increases the duration of sexual intercourse, there is a stable erection, erection returns morning. Intensity and duration of these symptoms are different.

Product form

Release tablets for men and Laveron Laveron pills for women.


The instructions Laverona stated that it should be used in case of problems with an erection in the absence of sufficient sexual receptivity men, women.

Instructions Laverona: how to use

 Laveron for men
 Laveron take a tablet 40 minutes or an hour before sexual intercourse. If there is a serious erectile dysfunction, it is possible to take two tablets.

Admission Laverona independent of food intake - preferably take it one hour before or c / o and a half hours after the meal.

side effects

Reviews Laverone, tolerability most positive.

Negative effects are not manifested even with increasing dosages of the drug. It is noted that a means is non-toxic, is not addictive, do not affect vision, it does not cause a headache.


Laveron of instruction is contraindicated for insomnia, nervous excitability, hypersensitivity, increased pressure, atherosclerosis, disorders of the heart.

Do not give medication to children, it is contraindicated in lactating and pregnant women.