A pairs
 A COUPLE - disinfection antiparasitic agent.

Release form and composition

A steam is discharged in aerosol form with a content of active substances:

  • 2, 52% piperonyl butoxide;
  • 0, 315% esdepalletrina.

The structure of funds not included halons.

The aerosol containers with continuous valve 200 cm3 (125 g).


A COUPLE on instructions designed to kill lice and scabies mites in the bedding and clothing of people who are infected with head lice and scabies. The tool is also effective for disinfection of household items and textiles that are not subject to heat treatment.

The spray should be applied after the drug treatment Spregal. Disinfection avoids the risk of re-infection.


According to the instructions, the A-PAR has no contraindications, however, pregnant and lactating women to carry out such processing is undesirable.

Use caution people with hypersensitivity to the active substances contained in this product, as well as patients with bronchial asthma and obstructive bronchitis.

Dosage and Administration

Aerosol spray from a distance of 30-40 cm, occasionally pressing the spray head with the tool.

Processing shall be those things that an infected person used for 3-4 days prior to diagnosis.

The use of A-PAR is effective for disinfecting personal things that can not be washed or pat: pillows, blankets, mattresses, outerwear, and the floors, walls, door handles, furniture, etc.

Double handling aerosol subject bedding, carefully sprayed seams and folds in clothing.

The manual states that in order to avoid recurrence of disinfection are also subject to personal belongings of those who live with an infected person head lice and scabies.

In one square meter of space should spend 14 g of A-PAR. This quantity of drug is sprayed while keeping the head cartridge pressed for 14 seconds.

One bottle is enough for processing a set of things a few people, or 9 square meters of space.

After application of A-PAR does not leave stains on the machined surface, therefore the last processing items do not require additional washing, but they can be used only 2-3 hours after disinfection when erode peculiar odor agent.

Aerosol spray is recommended at +10 ° C and above.

side effects

When processing means stuff in unventilated areas may experience local allergic reaction: tearing, burning and redness. In some cases, A-PAR can cause respiratory irritation.


The treatment should be carried out in a ventilated room with the windows open. Before using the things you need to aerate until complete disappearance of the smell of money.

It is forbidden to use A-PAR near open flames hot or running heaters.

If the tool has got the skin or eyes should be rinsed with water.


Analogues of the A-PAR, causing the death of scabies and lice are external medicines benzyl benzoate, Spregal, Sulfodekortem, Bensokril, Antiskab, Wilkinson ointment, tincture of hellebore, hellebore water.

Terms and conditions of storage

A-PAR can be purchased without a prescription. Store means necessary in places inaccessible to children from food. The cylinder can not be disassembled and expose to direct sunlight. Shelf life 5 years.