Coca vaccine
 Coca - rabies vaccine.

Pharmacological action

Coca - preparation containing vaccine virus to prevent rabies.

Use the drug in the body to develop immunity to rabies.

Product form

Producing a vaccine in the form of an injectable solution or a lyophilisate.


Vaccination Coca makes a person after contact with animals - is unknown or suspected rabies patients - to prevent disease.

Also according to the instructions Coca used by people whose professional activity is connected with animals (foresters, veterinarians, hunters, taxidermists, for example).

Instructions for use Coca

 Coca vaccination
 Coca inject vaccine intramuscularly - deltoid muscle in children under 5 yrs. - In the anterolateral upper thigh. The injected vaccine into the gluteal muscle is strictly prohibited.

To prepare the solution of the freeze-dried it is diluted 1 ml of water. Coca solution from an open vial of powder or cooked fit only for the next five minutes. You can not enter the vaccine when you change the transparency color of the vials with a broken marking integrity, which have been stored incorrectly or longer due.

After grafting Coca vaccinated under the supervision of a doctor should be half an hour.

According to the instructions Coca may apply such vaccination scheme: day 0 - 3d - 7d - 14e - 30d - 90d. Depending on the severity of the wounds inflicted by the animal, the patient's condition and the animal (if it is possible to observe it) vaccination schedule may vary.

side effects

Coca Vaccination may cause an increase in regional lymph nodes, malaise, pyrexia, flushing, weakness, headache.

Contraindications to the use of the vaccine Coca

Coca according to the instructions can not be used for human vaccination with acute non-communicable, infectious diseases, chronic diseases in the stage of decompensation, acute allergies to antibiotics, allergic reaction in the past to the ongoing vaccination (rash, angioedema). They should not be vaccinated during pregnancy.

At the time of vaccination and for six months afterwards, the patient can not take alcohol. Also avoid overheating, hypothermia, exhaustion.

Vaccination can not do both Coca brucellosis vaccine. The break between them should be not less than one month.