Casodex - anticancer drug.

Pharmacological action

Casodex - a non-steroidal drug that inhibits the action of androgens, growth of prostate tumors.

Use of the drug Casodex patients with locally advanced prostate cancer as immediate hormonal therapy significantly reduces the risk of disease spread to bone metastases. Casodex therapy also makes it possible to increase the life expectancy of patients. The active ingredient of the drug - bicalutamide.

Product form

Release tablets 50 mg Casodex.


Casodex is prescribed for: locally advanced cancer of the prostate gland as a monotherapy or as an adjunct to radiation therapy, radical prostatectomy.

The drug is effective in locally advanced prostate cancer, without metastasis of cancer, in those cases where the use of other medications, surgical castration impossible.

Instructions for use Casodex

 Casodex 50 pills
 For the treatment of advanced prostate cancer take Casodex 50mg once a day in combination with other treatments.

During monotherapy with nonmetastatic prostate cancer administered 150 mg Casodex 50 per day, and only once.

According to the instructions take Casodex lasting at least two years. Patients with severe liver disease is a medium dose adjustment.

Side effects

Kasodeks50 can cause gynecomastia, breast soreness, fatigue, deterioration of libido, hot flushes, alopecia (or vice versa, increased hair growth), dry skin, sexual dysfunction, nausea, weight gain, itching, hives, stomach pain, swelling, angioedema, hematuria, depression, pulmonary disease, dyspepsia.

Cases of hepatic transaminases increase, jaundice, cholestasis after using Casodex (disappear after cessation of treatment).

Data on overdose of Casodex is not. If you exceed the recommended dose and the appearance of side effects due to use standard symptomatic treatment, no specific antidote. Dialysis is ineffective because the active ingredient is not excreted in the urine.

Contraindications Casodex

According to the instructions Casodex is contraindicated in women and children, in case of hypersensitivity. With care prescribe a drug to patients with liver disease. Do not use tool in conjunction with cisapride, terfenadine, astemizole.