Cabbage sea

 Cabbage sea

Cabbage sea - balanced natural complex of vitamins, micro and macro.

A beneficial effect on the central nervous system, metabolism, respiratory and immune systems.

Mode of action and properties of seaweed

Laminaria (kelp) is rich in iodine contained in the organic form. Therefore, it is the most digestible by the human body and prevents the development of iodine deficiency diseases. Besides Laminaria contains nitrogen, cobalt, bromine, sodium, manganese, sulfur, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, potassium and other elements. Also, it is composed of vitamins (C, A, E, D, B1, B2, B12), proteinaceous materials, polysaccharides, acids and L-fructose.

Small amounts of seaweed are useful for the organism as a whole. It improves the body's metabolism, strengthens hair roots, influences stimulating the immune system, helping to rejuvenate, reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, prevents the formation of blood clots and improves digestion.

The beneficial properties of seaweed are stored fully in the fresh or dried cabbage. The canned or pickled, especially prepared for long term storage, it loses much of its beneficial properties, as well as during cooking it is often added preservatives (sodium gluconate).

Dried sea cabbage boil better on their own and use for the preparation of various dishes.

Also, dried sea kale can be ground and used as a spice or take half a spoon as a food additive with water.

Product form

Sea kale comes in tablet form. 100 pieces in a plastic bag.


The beneficial properties of seaweed allow you to apply it as a dietary supplement to food:

  • For the prevention and treatment of iodine deficiency and consequent diseases of the thyroid gland;
  • For the prevention of cardiovascular disease, chronic colitis, hemorrhoids, anemia, obesity, atherosclerosis, general weakening of the body.

For external use Laminaria useful for skin:

  • It activates cellular processes;
  • Reduces swelling and irritation;
  • It promotes healing of wounds and burns;
  • Wrinkles;
  • It moisturizes the skin and enriches it with oxygen.


Seaweed is contraindicated about pregnancy, children under 14 years of age and lactation. When thyroid disease prior to use should be consulted endocrinologist.

 Dried seaweed
 side effects

Usually Laminaria not cause side effects, except allergic reactions in rare cases.

Instructions for use seaweed

To ensure the physiological needs of the body for iodine:

  • Tablets seaweed used for one day, during a meal;
  • Dried sea cabbage - by half a spoon, and during the meal;
  • Fresh, pickled or canned - 2 teaspoons.

Often used Laminaria to lose weight. Firstly, cabbage absorbs excess liquid, especially in the dry state and swell in the stomach, rapidly causes a feeling of satiety. At the same time it combines low calorie and saturation essential trace elements and vitamins. Secondly, one of the properties of seaweed - stimulation of intestinal motility, which promotes timely evacuation of its contents, allowing you to avoid congestion of stool (constipation).

Use sea cabbage diet can be both in combination with various diets, and for fasting days.

storage conditions

Tablets seaweed sold without prescription as a dietary supplement. Shelf life - 3 years.