Drops tooth

 Drops tooth
 Drops tooth - a combination drug based on valerian tincture used in dentistry to treat various diseases of the oral cavity and removing dental pain.

Pharmacological action

Dental drops are used in dentistry as a complex soothing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and disinfectant.

The action of the drug due to plant components in its composition:

  • Camphor has a local action in the antibacterial and antimicrobial action;
  • Peppermint oil has a disinfectant effect;
  • Tincture Valerian has a calming effect on the receptors of the mucous membranes of the gums.

Product form

The drug is available as a clear reddish fragrant alcohol solution. 100 ml Dental droplets contain more than 90% of valerian tincture and peppermint oil, and camphor. The bottle of 5 ml, 10 ml and 30 ml.

Indications Dental drops

Dental drop of instructions used in various diseases of the oral cavity:

  • Initial caries;
  • Periodontitis;
  • Gingivitis,
  • Periodontitis.

The drug is effective for the removal of dental caries, and pain in the post-operative phase of treatment of teeth and gums.


Dental drops are contraindicated in individual sensitivity to the drug, as well as a tendency to seizures and epilepsy.

Instructions for use Dental drops

 Dental drops
 Apply a drop of Dental regulations applying to the aching tooth for 5-10 minutes a cotton swab moistened with a few drops of the drug.

After contact with the oral mucosa Dental drops can sometimes cause a burning sensation.

Women during pregnancy Dental drops administered with caution, after consultation with the doctor. Herbal preparations at this time preferred chemical medicines.

When pregnancy Dental droplets can replace drugs with analgesic effect, but it should be noted that the drug has no caries pronounced therapeutic effect, but only analgesic and disinfectant.

Also, dental drops can also be used during breastfeeding after consulting a doctor.

No adverse effects in the treatment of diseases of the oral cavity and removal of dental toothache drops were revealed.

In the application should take into account that drops contain ethyl alcohol.

storage conditions

Dental droplets released without medical prescription. Shelf life - 2 years in a cool and dark place.