Infezol - means for parenteral nutrition.

Pharmacological action Infezola

Infezol consists of amino acids (the important components for the development of proteins) and electrolytes.

These components are physiological substances, metabolic analogues, so Infezol used for parenteral nutrition: it supports the metabolism and improves the general condition of the patient, reduces the likelihood of weight loss in critical condition.

Produces two types of medication - Infezol40 with energy value 1551 kJ / l and Infezol100 - 1700 kJ / l.

Product form

Producing Infezol as infusion solution.


Infezol according to the instructions indicated in hypoproteinemia, loss of fluid due to various reasons, the temporary absence of the possibility of food in the usual way (for example, after surgery in the gastrointestinal tract), to make up for the lack of protein in the body, improve metabolism, repair processes after surgery.

Instructions for use Infezola

 The method of administration Infezola - IV
 Enter Infezol intravenous drip.

Infezol40 administered dose counting on the patient's weight: 25ml solution per kilogram of body weight / day. Increased dose Infezol - 50ml / kg administered at recommended catabolic states. With increased needs of the patient in a liquid calories may be added glucose and electrolytes.

Infezol100 administered at the rate of 10-20ml per kilogram of patient body weight per day.

The total daily amount of liquid parenteral nutrition should not exceed 40 ml / kg.

Children from two to five years Infezol impose a rate of 15 ml per kilogram of body weight per day; 5-14l. - 10ml / kg / day. The maximum allowable infusion rate Infezola - 1 ml / kg / hour.

side effects

The incidence of side effects after Infezol40, Infezol100 bit. This may be nausea, chills, vomiting, diarrhea, dyspnea, shock, bronchial asthma, impaired consciousness in patients with asthma, hyperergic reaction.

At high speed the introduction Infezol may develop phlebitis, hyperkalemia, hyperammonemia.

Contraindications Infezola

According to the instructions Infezol contraindicated in tissue hypoxia, patients in a state of shock, with metabolic disorders of amino acids, hydration, hyponatremia, congestive heart failure, renal, hepatic, hyperkalemia, traumatic brain injury, intoxication with methanol, acidosis, hypersensitivity to sodium disulfide.

Do not recommend the introduction of the drug for children up to 2 years.