Zephyr - very gentle and airy confection. Its prototype is a paste of apple sauce  Zephyr - air confection
   and sugar. Final marshmallow recipe was prepared by the French confectioners.

This product is prepared by beating egg white, sugar, fruit and berry puree, adding agar or gelatin mass syrup and pectin. Sometimes it is added essences, aromas, colorants and edible acids.

The structure and taste of the sweetness depend on the type of thickener. If it contains pectin, marshmallow is tight, if agar - the air. If as a thickener in delicacy acts gelatin, its structure is slightly rubber.

One of the most useful is the marshmallow, which is used in the production of agar syrup. The unique properties of agar were discovered residents of coastal areas of India. Gelling ability of agar is several times higher than that of gelatin. The raw material for the production of this substance are brown and red algae that are either grown artificially, or extracted from the seabed.

Gelatin - a gelling agent of animal origin, made of tendons, bones and cartilages of animals.

The composition and caloric content of marshmallow

One hundred grams of this sweet product contains 17 g of water, 74 g of 8 mono- and disaccharides, 0, 3 g ash, 5 g of starch, 1 g of organic acids, 1 g of water, 1, 4 mg of iron, 12 mg phosphorus, 46 mg potassium, 27 mg of sodium, 6 mg of magnesium and 25 mg of calcium.

One hundred grams of the product containing 0, 2 mg of vitamin PP and 0, 02 mg of vitamin B2.

Calorie ordinary marshmallow - 299 kcal per 100 g of product, calorie vanilla marshmallow - 312 kcal, calorie chocolate marshmallow - 396 kcal.

Use marshmallow

Use long-marshmallow scientific dokazana.Zefir useful for joints, skin, nails and volos.Agar agar outputs from the human body  Sweets
   harmful toxins, the liver purifies harmful substances and improves its performance. Pectin lowers the concentration of cholesterol and improves bowel motility, accelerates the removal of heavy metals - zinc, lead, mercury, molybdenum, cobalt, and has antiviral and anti-ulcer effect.

Use marshmallow depends on the amount of natural ingredients in its composition.

Institute of Nutrition recommends that you regularly eat a sweet treat school-age children. This will enable them to better cope with significant mental stress. In addition, the protein in the composition of the marshmallow instantly absorbed in the body, and instantly fills the body with the necessary energy.

Harm marshmallow

Marshmallows, like all the other goodies, do not abuse.

Harm marshmallow is that immoderate amount it contributes to metabolic disorders and the development of caries. Therefore, its use is contraindicated for patients with diabetes.

Harm marshmallow body can cause the body in the event of a predisposition to allergies, as some components of marshmallow can cause allergic reactions.