White mushrooms

Useful properties of white mushrooms

Cep boletus belongs to the family, in taste and nutritional value superior to most of known fungi.  White mushrooms

In porcini thick blade, the surface there may be brown, white, sometimes pink color - it depends on the area in which the mushrooms grow. The hallmark of the fungus - tubular layer under the bonnet that young white mushrooms, and the old - yellow or greenish color.

The fungi detected vitamins C, B, E, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, fluorine, cobalt, calcium, sodium, manganese, magnesium, sulfur, a large number of polysaccharides, ester, lecithin, carbohydrates, proteins. Calorie porcini fresh - 34kKal 100g. Calorie white mushrooms fried in vegetable oil - 162kKal.

Known wound healing, toning and anti-tumor properties of white mushrooms. They are recommended to use with anemia, atherosclerosis, as fungi prevent the deposition of cholesterol on vascular walls.

Useful ceps in diseases of the liver, eye, kidney, bone marrow, they are a good immunostimulant, inhibit the growth of fungi, viruses, pathogenic bacteria.

It is established and is the healing properties of white mushrooms as the stimulation of gastric juice, and notes that this quality they are far superior meat broths.

Use of white mushrooms

White mushrooms consumed in fried, pickled, salted, boiled, dried, just keep in mind that the heat treatment at a temperature of 100 degrees and a freeze they lose their healing properties.

In addition, they contain chitin significantly slows down the absorption of freshly cooked mushrooms, and so they are recommended for therapeutic purposes have only salted or dried.  White mushrooms consumed in fried, pickled, salted, boiled, dried

For the prevention of cancer, milled into powder dry white mushrooms, taken daily one teaspoon. Also useful for the powder of dried mushrooms added to the first and second courses.

Despite the low calorie, white mushrooms are not considered a dietary product, they are heavy for digestion, especially fried, and absorbed more slowly than meat.


Like any other fungi, white sorbents are powerful absorbents toxins and radioactive substances, such as lead, cadmium, cesium, strontium. Therefore, to gather mushrooms in the industrial areas and near highways can not.

Children under 12-14l white mushrooms are contraindicated: their digestive system is not producing enzymes capable of processing contained in fungi chitin.

It is important to exercise caution when picking mushrooms. The big danger is the false white fungus, which is also called bitter gall, or fungus, Gorchakov. Despite the apparent similarities, false fungus belongs to another family, and different bitter taste, which is enhanced by heat treatment. At a false white fungus same leg expanding towards the bottom, the same pipe layer under the bonnet, but unusual for a white fungus dirty white or pink. The main difference between the false white fungus that had cut the flesh into acquires a pink color, and in this fungus - no. More importantly, on the leg of a false white fungus has a mesh that makes it look like boletus and often misleading.

Another double white fungus is a satanic mushroom, very toxic, which can cause severe poisoning. Features satanic mushroom rough surface of the cap, more grayish color. The leg had a bright yellowish-red, red, tubular layer at this fungus can be yellowish, reddish-brown or olive-red. It should also be borne in mind that the flesh poisonous counterpart on cut quickly turns pink or blue in. Besides, the old satanic mushrooms have an unpleasant odor.