How to make homemade white chocolate
 Treats like all, regardless of age. Among the huge variety of all kinds of desserts quite high demand white chocolate. Unusual caramel taste of this product attracted many a sweet tooth. The chocolate produced in "pure" form, and with the addition of various fillers. This allows everyone who wants to choose a suitable taste favorite dessert.

White chocolate - composition

Chocolate is called product prepared using the fruit of the cacao tree. This beans, in which the result of processing obtained cocoa liquor as well as powder and oil, based on it. Depending on the kind of wounds, in addition to these essential ingredients, it may be added in different proportions, sugar and milk, making bitter or dairy dessert. There is another kind of familiar to all of the product - white chocolate, which was created less than a hundred years ago. Such an unusual color makes many fans of classic dark dessert doubt his "chocolate".

Unlike the first two types, the white chocolate composition of cocoa less saturated products - it has no cocoa liquor, or powder out of it. The absence of these ingredients explains the unnatural color of the familiar product. To prepare a white dessert need only cocoa butter. Also required: sugar, ground to a state of powder, milk powder and vanilla flavor as. Powdered milk gives the product a specific taste of caramel. Availability cocoa butter shows that treat still belong to "chocolate family."

The chocolate liquor contains alkaloids, caffeine and theobromine, which have on the human body tonic and stimulating effect. White chocolate, which excludes the presence of these substances can be used for people who suffer from insomnia or have high blood pressure. However, a large amount of sugar and high-calorie foods, with his immoderate use, promote weight gain sweet lovers.

White chocolate - for and against

Drinking white chocolate mixed. Opponents unusual dessert suggests its harmfulness and utter uselessness of the body. Excessive amounts of sugar, according to them, can ruin any shape or even lead to the development of various diseases, such as diabetes.

Fans of the sweet delicacy not without reason to believe that cocoa butter, contains a number of essential amino acids as well as antioxidants and vitamins. Lack of stimulating substances in white chocolate gives you the opportunity to enjoy the taste of his people, which is contraindicated in classic dark dessert option. To avoid health problems, you simply need to comply with the measure in the use of this product.

The argument of supporters and opponents of white chocolate manufacturers make their own adjustments. Trying to reduce the production cost, they are often replaced with standard ingredients of cheaper analogs, for example, instead of using cocoa butter vegetable fat. This leads to the fact that the chocolate is virtually no nutrients.

In order not to give up your favorite treats at the same time to avoid low-quality goods, we can make a dessert yourself. Fans of the recipe for white chocolate treats with their own hands will surely enjoy.

White Chocolate - Homemade

For self-catering white chocolate to prepare the basic components of this product. First, cocoa butter, sugar also require better as powdered sugar, milk, and vanilla. All the ingredients are readily available, with the exception of cocoa butter, but it can be purchased at the pharmacy. The main method of making homemade white chocolate is quite simple. To do this:

  • Melt in a water bath until the liquid 100 g of cocoa butter, previously razlomav it into small pieces;
  • Add melted butter 100 grams of milk powder and powdered sugar mixed with vanilla, all very carefully stir until smooth;
  •   Pour the resulting liquid chocolate into molds made of silicone, cool to room temperature and place for one hour in a refrigerator.

 White chocolate - the composition and nutritional value
 After this homemade treat is ready for use. Dessert can be diversified by adding a variety of ingredients to taste: nuts, raisins, fruit pieces. This should be done before freezing sweet mass.

White chocolate recipe is not difficult, if desired easily be made at home. Thus it is possible to obtain a product with different flavors, as well as with limited sugar content, varying proportions of the essential ingredients. Homemade white chocolate tastes good and does not contain harmful substances for the organism.

At any age, a person needs positive emotions. Remove irritability, help improve mood piece of white chocolate. Cook can treat even at home, because the recipe is very simple. However, the abuse of sweets leads to unpleasant consequences, so it is important not to overdo it during the production of pleasant emotions.