Useful properties of melon

Watermelon contains vitamins B1, C B2, pantothenic and folic acid, carotene, fructose and glucose, cellulose, pectin.

Especially useful watermelon have kidney diseases because it has a diuretic effect and they clears well.

There are also such useful properties of watermelon: Removing the heat and inflammation, support immunity, stabilize blood pressure, improve digestion, excretion of bile, prevention of anemia, atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases, tumor formation.


Watermelon diuretic properties allows us to derive the sand from the kidneys. To do this, use two kilograms berries for 4-5 days fasting every day, preferably in two steps.

Regularly eat watermelon and helpful to patients suffering from anemia, gout.

Watermelon contains a lot of fiber, through which he brings cholesterol that a healthy person is a good prevention of cardiovascular disease

To remove the swelling during the treatment of cystitis, urolithiasis, nephritis, it is recommended to eat 2-2, 5 kg of watermelon a day.

Useful properties of melon manifested in the use of its juice. It is drunk with the blood diseases, kidney disease, jaundice, cirrhosis of the liver, various poisoning, gallstones. It is noticed that watermelon juice cleans the gallbladder, as well as pulp and displays stones from the kidneys and excess fluid from the body. The juice of watermelon is useful to drink hypertensive and suffering from pain in the joints. Special instructions for dosages and frequency of drinking juice is not, it usually drink during the day, between meals. Good result gives watermelon juice mixed with a weak solution of vinegar and honey - it is a means effective for gallstones and jaundice.

Calorie Watermelon, despite its sweet taste, is low - only 38kkal in 100g of flesh, so the berries include comprehensive treatment of obesity.

Property watermelon to provide a feeling of satiety for a long time and the minimum calorie watermelon allow its use in diets. In the season of ripening melons can arrange fasting days, when twice a week eating only watermelon - 1 5-2kg per day. Given that the flesh of watermelon calorie is 500kkal average, such a diet can help reduce weight at a moderate pace, clean kidneys, intestines. For a more rapid weight loss can be experienced watermelon diet, designed for 3-4 days. During the diet you can not eat anything except watermelon allowed to drink green tea, non-carbonated mineral water. Optionally, you can stick two small watermelon slices of black bread, but there is nothing else in these days it is impossible, salt and sugar are excluded. Due to the low calorie watermelon, active removal of liquid can be reset 3-4kg during the diet.

Watermelon is useful and used externally as a vitamin for skin masks. To do this, on the face, neck for 15-20min impose chopped watermelon pulp or juice soaked gauze him. After several treatments, a change in color, it becomes more soft, supple.

Useful properties of melon lie not only in its pulp and juice. For therapeutic purposes, you can use its seeds and peel.

The watermelon seeds contain fatty oils, consisting of palmitic, linolenic and linoleic acids, and apply them at a fever, cystitis, uterine bleeding to stop. It is believed that watermelon seeds as well. like pumpkin, effective against intestinal worms. To get rid of the parasites are ready to "milk" of seeds: in water or milk should grind the crushed seeds - at a ratio of 10: 1, this 6-8ch and drink 50-100mg per hour before a meal - about 8 times a day.

Cook-dried watermelon rind take for chronic, acute colitis in a ratio of 100 g of crusts on half a liter of water. Drink this tea 4-5r / day for 0, 5 cups.

 Watermelon juice cleans the gallbladder
 Jam made from watermelon peels helps reduce flatulence, relieves in acute respiratory disease, angina, poor digestion.

Allowed to eat watermelon lactating mothers. Because of useful trace elements it helps women cope with anemia, and folic acid has a positive effect on the development of breast milk. But there is a melon nursing can be no earlier than three months of breastfeeding, when allowed to weaken the strict postpartum diet and start to gradually introduce additional products. Conditions for the first use of watermelon nursing women: the day not to use other unfamiliar baby products. The interval between the use of new products should be 4-5 days, the only way to understand how it will affect the health of the child.

Contraindications to the use of watermelon

One of the properties of watermelon, as well as other melons, is its ability to store chemicals that are used to fertilize the soil, so it is best to buy watermelons from those who grow them in small quantities without the use of "chemistry", and sellers can trust. To understand whether there is a Nitrates in watermelon, it is enough to cut the pulp and inspect if it has a thread seal or yellow, it means that it can hurt - cause diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, nausea. Especially dangerous such watermelon lactating women, children and those who suffer from nephritis, pyelonephritis, nephrosis. For safety reasons it is better not buy watermelons until the middle of August to pay attention to the berries with a striped and not monotonous skin, do not take the soft and flabby melons.

Contraindications watermelon diabetics and those with sick spleen.

Due to the fact that the berry contains a lot of cellulose, which is a long time to digest, it can cause fermentation, so it should be noted that patients with typhoid is useful not flesh and strained watermelon juice: flatulence provoked pulp, may be hazardous to the damaged intestine.

The same property of watermelon can cause colic in infants, which should be considered when breastfeeding and the introduction of watermelon in the diet of the mother.