Venison - forest red meat game. By venison  Venison canned
 It refers meat and noble young reindeer and roe deer and red deer meat.

Products of reindeer meat juicy and tender, with a unique bright taste. In the north of the meat dishes are usually served as a main dish. On the beneficial properties of venison can be attributed to dietary and medicinal products. This meat is called the pantry of vitamins and minerals.

Germany, Japan, Great Britain, Finland, South Korea, Canada, Sweden considered the main consumers of venison. The food most commonly consumed meat of young reindeer. The most delicious meat is considered to animals caught in late autumn. It was at this time the body of a deer contains the greatest amount of useful components.

Food value and caloric content of venison

Deer meat has a high content of useful components. Because of the low calorie venison useful to include in the menu for people who lead a healthy lifestyle, as well as the elderly, children, athletes. Calorie venison - 160 kcal per 100 g of roasted meat. Benefits Venison is an excellent digestibility and high nutritional value.

One hundred grams venison contains 70 mg of cholesterol, 19, 5 g protein, 8, 5 grams of fat, 3, 7 g of saturated fatty acids, 1 g ash and 71 g of water.

Furthermore, in the meat includes sixteen amino acids, 8, 8 mg of vitamin PP, 0, 3 mg of vitamin E, 0, 68 mg of vitamin B2, 0, 3 mg of vitamin B1, 10 mcg of vitamin A.

100 g venison contains 305 mg of potassium, 194 mg phosphorus, 77 mg sodium, 21 mg of magnesium and 10 mg of calcium.

Deer meat contains far more protein than the best grade of beef.

A huge benefit of venison is a unique combination of nutrients. This combination prevents the accumulation of fat in the body.

Useful properties of venison

Useful properties of venison unique and multifaceted. Among the useful properties of venison apart are its safety and environmental cleanliness.

They feed on deer only lichens and mosses. Such power in the body promotes the synthesis of deer linoleic acid, which protects the body from carcinogens and the development of atherosclerosis.

This meat is very rich in vitamin B1, which saturates the body with energy, improves appetite and stimulates brain activity. In addition, vitamin B1 is able to neutralize the damaging effects on the body of alcohol and tobacco, as well as preventing the formation and development of cancer cells.

Benefits of venison is still in the fact that it supports muscle tone of the heart, the stomach and digestive tract. Especially useful this delicacy for women during pregnancy.

Selenium, which is part of reindeer meat, neutralize the negative impact of the devastating effects on the body of toxic substances and heavy metals.

Preparations made from various parts of the carcass of a deer, reduced erection and stimulate sexual function, protect against dangerous carcinogens, stimulate blood circulation, and blood plasma is saturated useful components, cure postnatal complications.

The preparations of reindeer meat  Venison Cooking
 produced in powder form. Beauticians China used powder obtained and deer meat, as an additive in cosmetic creams. Creams which contain biologically active components of deer meat, restore skin elasticity and firmness, as well as slow down the aging process. Medicinal products based on extracts from the horns of young deer (antlers) to improve hearing, vision, strengthen the immune system.

Methods for preparing venison

Venison prepare various delicious dishes. To prepare the delicacies most commonly used cutting and deer loin.

Very popular among lovers of venison jerky enjoys venison. Venison jerky is considered excellent snack. In addition, it can be used in soups. Smoked venison is also used for the preparation of the first dishes, and is sometimes added to salads.

With deer stew well together apples, carrots and various spices. Before roasting venison soaked in a marinade. As a marinade for meat juices using wild berries - buckthorn, cranberries and cranberries. More venison often soaked in red wine combined with oranges. The taste of the meat perfectly complement mushrooms (chanterelles or boletus). The meat also goes well with many spices and herbs - bay leaf, black and red pepper, thyme.

Of the legs or the rear part of the animal usually make burgers or sausages.

Kidneys, heart, tongue, liver and bone marrow deer - real delicacies. Normally they are supplied as a snack.

Coastal Chukchi reindeer blood, pieces of meat, fat and flour cooked very tasty and nutritious dish - rilkyn. It is believed that this dish gives the body more strength.