Truffle - a valuable underground mushroom from the family of truffle, one of the most famous and expensive delicacies. Truffle varieties are many, but not all of them are edible, among them there are even dangerous to health. Boasting deposits suitable for eating truffles can only Spain, Italy, France and even Russia. We grow old fungus, which, of course, is not so valuable as a winter mushroom, that is growing in the season. The most revered in the world for their extraordinary taste and aroma of white and black truffles.  Truffle - an expensive delicacy

It looks truffle extraordinary - a regular mushroom, to which we are accustomed, with the cap and stem, it is unlike. Outwardly, it looks more like a potato or other irregularly shaped tuber with growths similar to warts. This form is most likely due to the fact that the fungus grows underground. Truffle is attached to the roots of the trees than to protect them from various diseases and helps them to obtain water.

Propagated by spores of the fungus, and quite interesting is the life cycle of the truffle. Animals, especially wild pigs, eat mushrooms (they find them by the smell, and even used as bloodhounds in the season of "hunting" for truffles), and their disputes out with feces, and thus fall into the ground, where he continued to develop.

Truffle is yellow, dark gray. If you cut the flesh of the fungus, you can see the thin blonde streaks.

By weight, the truffles are different - from a few grams to kilograms.

Benefits truffle human

The truffles were found vitamins B1, B2, B3 and C. It is believed that they tend to have antioxidant and strengthening effect. The mushrooms were also found pheromones, so they are considered a strong aphrodisiac.

Mushrooms have advised women who are expecting a baby or breastfeeding, children and adolescents - their chemical composition makes it possible to feel a surge of strength, to obtain the necessary for growth and health micronutrients.

There was a place unusual fungus in cosmetology and medicine. It turns out, truffle juice can treat eye diseases.

The cosmetics industry is used most often white truffle. Due to higher content of protein and antioxidants fungus used for the production of a tonic for hair bleaching and smoothing cream. The best-known group, used for the production of cosmetics, these mushrooms in Italy

Calorie truffle is comparable only to that of calorie vegetables and is 24 calories.

How to cook the truffle

Mushrooms combined with different products: meat, vegetables, seafood, and even fruit. The most common use and mushrooms - as a supplement to the main dish. For those who follow the diet and their weight is ideal just a way to feed the fungus: given calorie truffle, it may not be burdensome for the waist.

Prepare the truffle and separately served him in this case, with wine or cream sauce.  Calorie truffles - 24 calories

In French cuisine made use of the truffle in the preparation of dishes based on eggs, because the mushroom perfectly complements the food without its bright odor or taste.

You can prepare the sauce of truffles. It is usually served to the pate, meatballs.

Handle with mushrooms in cooking should be cautious - if prolonged heat treatment, they are deprived of their nutritional properties. Basically truffles and used crude, but can also handle advance. For example, in an oven over 5 minutes keeping truffles impossible. Add the mushrooms in the cooked dishes just before serving so they do not have time to lose its flavor.

It is also important to know how stored truffle - not more than 4 days in the refrigerator, in a sealed container.

Experts recommend for greater safety peeled off the ground to keep the fungus in rice, which does not give truffle dry or, conversely, overly moistened.

Harm truffles

Only a person with an allergy to mushrooms truffle can cause harm.