Offal or tripe called the front part of the cow or bovine stomach (first predzheludok). Tripe looks as pieces of grayish color with visible fibers. Sometimes sold together with it and of the second rumen, so-called grid. It differs from the tripe presence on the mucous membrane of the villi instead of smooth squares.  Tripe - is part of the cow or bovine stomach

Useful properties of offal and the rules of its preparation are unfamiliar to most people. Therefore, the food product is often not possible to see on the table. But it is the basis for preparation of various national dishes. For example, in Scotland tripe cooked with oatmeal and its richly seasoned with pepper and onion. In Poland, it makes flyaki on-Warsaw, and in Korea - heh. Having learned all the secrets of proper cooking tripe, you can prepare delicious, nutritious, and that is not unimportant, cheap meals.

Preparation of tripe

Before proceeding directly to her cooking tripe must be cleaned thoroughly. For this purpose it should turn out inner surface. How can thoroughly clean it from the residues of the mucous membrane of the stomach, forming a kind of film. Oil from tripe to be completely cut off and thrown away. Cooking it is not used, since It has a strong unpleasant odor. After that, as it should, rinse tripe under running water.

Peeled and washed to remove offal peculiar smell soaked for three hours in a light pink solution of potassium permanganate or a weak solution of vinegar (3%), then again washed thoroughly under running cold water.

Take a large salt and rub it into the surface of tripe. Leave on for half an hour, then rinse again. Now offal can be used for further cooking.

Tripe put in a pot, pour cold water over high heat and bring to a boil. The water is drained, washed offal under running water, put back into the pot and pour cold water. Bring to the boil. Take off the foam and cook for five hours on low heat.

Half an hour before end of cooking in a saucepan add a few peas black and allspice, a few leaves of bay leaf, two medium onions. Salt to taste. Cooked tripe spread on a plate and cool.

Stewed tripe Preparation

Peeled and cooked as described above tripe cut into small pieces. Melt in a pan piece of butter and cook it, stirring constantly for fifteen minutes. Season to taste tripe with black pepper and add to it a few cloves of garlic finely comminuted. Add the contents of the pan three tablespoons of tomato paste, and about half a cup of hot water. Cover and simmer for fifteen minutes over very low heat.  Cooking braised tripe

For braised tripe as a side dish you can submit pasta, buckwheat, rice or mashed potatoes.

Useful properties of offal

Many people mistakenly believe that tripe completely useless for the human food. But in fact this is not true. The offal contains 97% protein and 4, 2% fat. But carbohydrates in it. Therefore dishes it does not lead to an increase in blood glucose level and can be included in the menu of people suffering from diabetes.

100 Calories, 0 grams of beef offal is 97 kcal.

Other useful properties of offal can be attributed its beneficial effects on the skin and mucous membranes, digestive and nervous systems. They are explained in the incoming offal vitamins B, macro- and microelements (calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, iodine). Furthermore in the offal is, substances with antioxidant properties.