Tequila is a strong alcoholic drink, which was first manufactured in the city of Tequila in the western state of Jalisco in Mexico.  Tequila - Mexican alcoholic beverage

The composition of tequila

The traditional structure of blue agave tequila enters and alcohol, which runs distillation. Currently, the production of the beverage is performed in several states of Mexico, where the main raw material is the blue agave. Standards in the beverage should be no less than 50% of agave alcohol and the alcohol derived from sugar cane and corn.

The structure of premium tequila must contain only blue agave, and cheap drink brand may include other components. The agave syrup add sugar and caramel to change the flavor and color, as well as the use table sugar and sweeteners.

Plants for the production of tequila is under UNESCO protection, production is carried out in them in accordance with modern quality standards and production of the drink. Production is constantly monitored and drink tasting before bottling and check its quality.

The origins of the drink

For the first time began producing tequila in the 16th century, but this was a traditional drink in the culture of the tribe of the Aztecs, who called it "Off" and is made from agave. The Spanish conquistadors were mixed OFF and brandy, and later began to produce an alcoholic drink tequila.

In the 17th century began mass production of the drink on special distilleries in the Mexican state of Jalisco.

In the mid-19th century, tequila has become popular not only in Mexico but in other countries in Latin America and then in Europe.

In today's market, there are several trademarks which are engaged in the production of the drink and to import to different countries. The most well-known brands include the Cabo Wabo, El Tesoro and Ex Hacienda.

Types of tequila and drinks on its basis

There are several basic types of tequila and methods of packaging. The container is made of silver white tequila, which is kept not more than 2 months, it is similar to Tequila Joven, which is a young drink with added flavors.

A more consistent, high-quality tequila is gold, which is maintained over a year. Drink with a 3-year delay is called añejo, tequila and premium - extra añejo.

There are two basic ways of manufacturing of tequila:

  • premium at which the drink is made from 100% blue agave;
  • standard, in which, a mixed drink with added sugar, agave juice, sugary foods, corn syrup.

Different brands and manufacturers use its formulations manufacturing of tequila, where the drink has an individual taste and aroma.

Tequila can be used for the preparation of other alcoholic beverages, including margaritas, sangrity, martini cocktails, tequila boom and dessert drink.

Calorie tequila

Tequila is the average calorie drink that should not be included in the diet menu. Because of the high caloric content of tequila and alcohol can worsen the condition of the digestive system in compliance with a salt-free diet.

Caloric tequila is 208 kcal, and in the beverage contains 0, 3 g protein, 26 g carbohydrate and 8, 0, 06 g fat.

Useful properties of tequila

The structure includes tequila agave, which is a medicinal plant, has many useful properties.

Drinking tequila in small amounts helps to strengthen the immune system, improve the work of digestion, cleanse the blood vessels and obstruction of putrefying bacteria proliferation.  Calorie tequila - 208 kcal per 100 g

Medical studies have found that some of the substances that make up the drink, prevent the development of cancer tumors, as well as the appearance of ulcers and inflammation of the digestive tract. Tequila strengthens hair and nails, improves the appearance of skin.

In Latin America, the drink is used for compresses and grindings for diseases of the joints, sciatica and rheumatism.

Tequila has anti-inflammatory and disinfectant action. It is in a small amount is added to the bandages for sprains, bruises, cuts and wounds.


Tequila is a strong alcoholic drink, which is strictly forbidden to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as children under 18 years.

The drink may have a negative effect on the liver and pancreas, the digestive system.

You can not drink an alcoholic beverage to people to drive and are on the treatment of diseases and disorders of the psyche.

Not recommended for consumption of tequila with severe diseases of the digestive system, serious diseases of the brain, liver and kidney failure, hormonal disorders, inflammatory processes in internal organs, as well as predisposition to allergic reactions to alcohol and agave.