Sugar substitute - feedback and recommendations
 Studying the mechanisms of obesity, scientists have concluded that adipose tissue is mainly supported by carbohydrates .  So there was a myth about the dangers of sweet .  The reasoning of scientists is difficult to understand the simple inhabitant, because they use a variety of special scientific terms .  In fact, in the twentieth century it was discovered the mechanism of obesity, which affected the metabolism of carbohydrates, but only indirectly, .  Any food that gets into the human body as a result of complex biochemical processes is converted into glucose .  About it and discussed .  Therefore, there was the first sweetener recommended by people who are not suffering from diabetes .  By the end of the twentieth century, it has acquired a mass character physical inactivity, and obesity has become a real problem .  Strengthen the view that glucose promotes body fat, prompting people to seek a way .  Proposed sweetener seemingly solve many problems .  But judging by the statistics, the number of people who are overweight do not waned .  Substitution of glucose similar to taste the substance is indeed necessary, but not for all .

Who needs sugar substitute

Sugar comprises glucose in a pure form. It is absorbed into the bloodstream, once it is included in the metabolism. Moreover, the brain cells are exclusively glucose in pure form rather than a product of the product. Glucose affects the pleasure center, which immediately starts the production of endorphins - "happiness hormones".

Important! In the absence of contraindications supposed to give your child sugary foods, which contain natural sugar. If a person does not get the glucose as a child, his pleasure center will respond to other stimulants, such as alcohol-containing beverages.

State of health, in which glucose is contraindicated in:

  • Diabetes mellitus of both first and second types;
  • Metabolic syndrome;
  • Exudative diathesis (scrofula);
  • Acute pancreatitis.

For patients with diabetes, glucose in its pure form is a cell poison that accumulates in the blood, making it thickens. Increasing the viscosity of the blood leads to vascular disorders.

When metabolic syndrome natural sweetener is a powerful preventive tool in the development of diabetes of the second type, when the disabled entrance gate cell receptors for glucose.

Exudative diathesis in children develops as an allergic reaction. This may be the causative agent of any product. Recommendation on the exclusion of sugar from the diet is based on the mechanism of the onset of rash. Any allergic reaction is a perverse response of immune cells to substances that the body perceives alien. In these cases, a sugar substitute, once in the blood, does not enhance the allergic response as does glucose.

In acute pancreatitis must unload the pancreas to prevent the death of cells that produce insulin. Patients in the acute phase of pancreatitis is prohibited consumption of food, including sweetened beverages.

For other people sweetener is not vital product and used what is called a "taste".

Properties sweeteners

Preparations for sweetening foods or beverages do not contain glucose. Nevertheless products seem sweet. Irritation of tongue papillae, whose reaction to the sugar substitute, reviews nervous system is exactly the same as on the carbohydrates. This medication does not contain any calories or their nutritional value is close to zero.

So people "cheating" the taste buds. Many of the drugs in this group are seen several times sweeter than regular sugar.

Sugar substitute - harm and benefits

Cessation of sugar does not lead to the desired effect - weight loss .  This is for the following reason: irritation of the nerve endings of language run complex reflex arc of the digestive tract .  Produce insulin takes effect immediately, but his work is ineffective .  The hormone transmits glucose into the cells, opening the entrance gate .  Substances that are similar in chemical formula with glucose is not included in the energy metabolism .  The biochemical reaction is not considered complete without the development of the final product .  Signal is applied to the central nervous system that synthesized insulin appeared unclaimed .  As a result of reduced production of important hormones .  As a result, obesity is progressing .  Moreover, the brain does not receive basic nutrition, which is the only pure glucose, and not its substitutes .  For the people of intellectual labor is not recommended to receive a sugar substitute, harm and benefits which are not equal .  Even if people, due to some other reasons, lose weight, his brain will be without makeup .  Carbohydrates, which are synthesized in the liver and deposited in the form of glycogen, for neurons cerebral hemispheres no value .  The brain consumes products neoglyukogeneza only for survival, but not for the improvement of mental activity .

Many articles about the dangers of sugar substitutes do not have actual confirmation. Carcinogenic effects of synthetic drugs is not supported by evidence-based medicine in any country of the world. At the same time, the natural sweetener, which is widely advertised, are not materially different advantages.

Sweetener bring undoubted benefit to sick people who are absolutely contraindicated glucose, because it aggravates during diabetes. Formulations sugar substitute, significantly reduce the load on the pancreas, preventing the development of metabolic syndrome.

Sugar substitute - reviews

 Stevia, sweet - a natural sweetener
 People using surrogate sugar, put a goal - to lose weight. Certain types of diets include the exclusion of carbohydrates, encouraging them to replace the synthetic drugs. Thus, a person does not limit himself to accept sweets, which contain almost no calories. At the level of the body marked a double deception: the taste buds and pancreas. A body mass, most often, remains unchanged. Whatever the sweetener reviews about it do not contain positive emotional coloring. Mostly buyers speak about the price and quality of service that sells an organization. Such responses may be positive, but they in no way reflect the properties of various sweeteners.

Sugar substitute in cooking

For baking using sugar substitutes like fructose and its modifications, which are called sweeteners. This allows you to change the recipe of baking in order to save time.

Pastry-based sweeteners are much sweeter than usual, so it is impossible to use them in large quantities. In addition, natural sweetener has no contraindications for diabetics. Baking with this sugar has a number of advantages. However, sweeteners do not change color to red-faced, their structure does not crystallize, so make meringue cakes difficult.