Sugar syrup

Sugar syrup is a concentrated solution of one or more types of sugar which is diluted in water or fruit juice. This syrup contains 40 to 85% sugar.  Sugar syrup with fruit juices

The origin and characteristics of the preparation

Sugar syrup was first used in Eastern countries. It is actively used in confectionery purposes, used for the treatment of products, and it was cooked fruit juices, purees, fruit and a variety of jams.

In Arab countries, the sugar syrup with no additives was the main ingredient of many species of sweets, including iris, roasting, caramel, candy and sweets. Later syrup began to add additional ingredients - nuts, butter, and milk.

The European cuisine sugar syrup was used in the preparation of glaze, biscuits and jams for canning.

The concentration of sugar syrup

The concentration of sugar syrup depends on the use of its confectionery. In preparing the syrup using different techniques, and measured the concentration of sugar thermometer, which measures the state of the sugar at various stages of cooking. There are more than 12 stages of sugar syrup.

At home, without a special thermometer, you can manually determine the concentration of sugar syrup with dessert spoon. When cooking you must take a spoon and a few drops of syrup to determine its concentration.

There are several kinds of concentration of sugar syrup:

  • a string of small and large, in which the sugar reaches a thread of different thicknesses;
  • soft and hard ball (when added to the sugar syrup rolled bead of different density);
  • Caramel (lump of sugar breaks down in cold water and does not stick to the teeth);
  • caramel contains no water and has a dark brown color and is used in a mixed form in confectionery purposes in medicine or medicament for the treatment of cough.

Application and useful properties of sugar syrup

Sugar syrup is the main ingredient of various confectionery products, and it is added to various beverages, such as tea, shake, coffee and cocoa. This syrup can serve as a preservative for jams, jellies, preserves and jams. The confectionery syrup must contain 60% sugar may be added to canned fruit drinks and jam.

Sugar syrup with fruit can be eaten as well as to prepare jelly, mousse, fruit salads and yogurts.

In medicine, the syrup is used as a sweetener for pharmaceuticals.  Sugar syrup - a preservative for jams and jellies

In many European countries on the basis of a syrup made of rye bread. When you add the ingredient of bread becomes a delicious and healthy product, it acquires a characteristic color and flavor. Sugar syrup is a kind of bread fed to the yeast fermentation process improves the structure of the dough and bread.

Sugar syrup is composed of an energy source as it contains a useful organism for glucose and is a stimulator of insulin production by the pancreas. As a result, it stands out serotonin, which improves mood and overall health.


Contraindications to the use of sugar syrup is an idiosyncrasy and predisposition to allergic reactions, diabetes and high blood glucose.

Do not recommend to include sugar syrup in the diet menu, as it is a high-calorie foods.

This syrup with continuous use in food, due to the large amounts of sugar, may worsen the condition of the teeth and damage the enamel cause caries.

People with overweight and metabolic disorders should limit eating this syrup.