Soybean oil

Soybean oil is a kind of oil, which is made from soybean seeds and are used for frying.

Composition Soy oil

part  Soybean oil obtained from the seeds of soybean
 soybean oil are soya beans yellow color with a specific scent that is pressed and refined.

Soybean oil was first produced in Ancient China and used as a useful plant product from soybeans. Then, soybean oil spread to Korea and the islands of Japan. Currently, this oil is a popular product in the United States, China and Western Europe.

Soya, which is used for cooking oil, grows in tropical Asia, South and Central Africa, Australia and America, as well as on the islands of the Indian Ocean.

The composition contains fat soybean oil, vitamin E, and K, choline, and substances such as iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium. Calorie soybean oil is 884 calories.

Useful properties of soy oil

Useful properties of soy oil is determined by its composition, rich in vitamins and trace elements.

Regular use of this oil reduces the risk of myocardial infarction, cancer and heart failure.

The soybean oil contains palmitic acid, organic choline, linolenic and stearic acid, which improve heart and liver.

This oil has a positive effect on the functioning of the brain, improves sexual function in men, and normalizes blood cholesterol. Also, this oil is recommended for the prevention of diseases of the digestive system, metabolic disorders, and immune disorders.

The soybean oil has phytosterols, which contribute to the health of the skin and accelerates cell regeneration.

Soybean oil is part of masks for the face and hair, that nourish the skin, normalizes water metabolism and restore the protective properties.

From the prepared soy lecithin oil, which was used in the confectionery and pharmaceutical purposes. A tocopherol helps fight stress and depression, as well as normalize the functioning of the kidneys.


Soybean oil is used in salads, stews, sauces and dressings. This oil can be fried meat, fish and vegetables, as well as adding it to baked goods.

Deodorized and refined soybean oil is the main ingredient for margarine, mayonnaise, bread and pastries. As the stabilizer, this oil is added to canned and frozen foods.

On the basis of this oil produced soap, detergents, dyes, and synthetic oils.

Soybean oil is good for dry and combination skin. It is aimed at strengthening and moisturizing the skin and protects against the negative environmental impact.

Soybean oil is actively used in cosmetology as an ingredient for masks, lotions and creams, which  Soybean oil in the bottle
 have a tonic effect, eliminate the problem of dry and chapped skin, give a nice shine and freshness.

The harm of soybean oil

Soybean oil is contraindicated for use if you are hypersensitive and predisposition to allergic reactions to soy protein and beans.

It could be harmed soybean oil to women during pregnancy and breastfeeding, because it contained estrogenic isoflavones.

Do not recommend to use this oil in the migraine attacks and serious diseases of the brain.

In a limited number of this product should be used for people with severe diseases of the digestive system, kidney and liver failure, disorders of the intestine.