Sherbet by pink flowers
 Sherbet word has several different meanings. In ancient times it was called sorbet vitamin drink on the basis of oriental pink flowers, rosehip berries, spices and liquorice. Now called sherbet soft drink, consisting of berries and fruit juices, with the addition of honey, sugar, spices and herbs. Such drink drink the Turks and the Arabs before and after meals. Pink dessert drink bride in the villages of India, Afghanistan and Turkey, accepting a marriage proposal. There are many Eastern sherbet flavors - lemon, apple, orange, pomegranate, quince, cornel and others. The Egyptians of the water ice is added selected violets, mulberries and sorrel leaves.

Sweet tooth, this is known as a dessert fruit ice cream or sweet fragrant oriental delicacies.

The composition and caloric content of water ice

In taste and consumer properties this product is classified as a sweet candy. The composition of water ice depends on the national recipe of this dish. But always this sweetness will look fudge from different ingredients. As the main component of sweetness modern manufacturers use condensed milk. The sherbet often add vanilla, nuts or raisins, prunes, dried apricots. In the East is very popular sherbet with peanuts and peanuts, filled with condensed cream.

Calorie sorbet depends on the initial components of the product. The average calorie sorbet equals 417 kcal per hundred grams of the product.  Sherbet - a soft drink

The use of water ice

The use of water ice due to its composition. Useful properties have a milk-based sherbet. The main components of milk provides coordinated work of the kidneys, liver and heart.

Uses sherbet adds and the presence of a variety of delicacies such as dried fruits and nuts. The most useful additive is considered peanuts, rich in vegetable fat, linoleic acid, vitamins A, PP, E and Group B. This type of nut is perfectly absorbed by the body, beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

Dried apricots fills the human body with vitamin A, it is useful for anemia and hypertension. Prunes are indispensable for constipation, vitamin deficiency and obesity. Raisins good for healthy teeth and gums, has a soothing effect and strengthens the nervous system and lungs.

Harm sorbet

Harm is also in the chemical composition of water ice. According to the sugar content, this product is one of the first places among the very high-calorie confectionery.

This dessert is contraindicated in diseases of the pancreas and liver.