The traditional Georgian cuisine satsebeli sauce (or satsibeli, as it is called), have long gained popularity far  Satsebeli - Georgian sauce
 outside only Georgian cuisine. Without it, the sauce is difficult to imagine such traditional dishes Caucasian cuisine as khachapuri, chicken tobacco and many others.

Georgian cuisine is famous for its contrast of flavors. Along with fiery spicy dishes will certainly present a softer, exquisitely sweet and savory delicacies. An amazing mix of taste sensations and unusual combination of flavors make Georgian cuisine so distinctive, bright and attractive, rarely leaving indifferent.

Along with an abundance of fresh vegetables and meat dishes indispensable, of which the kitchen sunny Georgia there are so many, the Georgian feast sauces are always present. They set off the taste of juicy meat, giving it a new meaning. Sauce satsebeli - characteristic addition to the main courses. Its spicy and unusual taste allows a different look at the usual dishes of meat or fish. With him they acquire unusual and fascinating taste.

The formulation of the sweet and sour sauce for the time of its existence has undergone various changes, but remaining ingredients without which satsebeli could not carry his name. This is nuts, and fruits.

Of course, each family in Georgia, your, favorite recipe satsebeli and still considered a classic sauce, which consists of the following products:

  • walnuts;
  • chicken bouillon;
  • Pomegranate juice or plum, or blackberries, unripe grapes, or (most commonly known as abgor). Often a mixture of juices;
  • Garlic;
  • Imereti saffron or marigolds, also known as kardobenedikt;
  • Chili powder;
  • Fresh cilantro.

The most common and easy to prepare recipes satsebeli is as follows: first finely ground walnuts dilute vinegar. Ideal - vinegar, infused with mint or mint green in the form added to it. The resulting mixture should be diluted broth. Choice broth thus depends on to what the dish will be served satsebeli. If this dish based on fish broth  Satsebeli in a bottle
 Fish should be. The meat is served satsebeli cooked in meat broth. Is allowed, however, the addition of just boiled water, thereby reducing calorie sauce. Next comes the turn of herbs and spices: crushed garlic, chopped onion, salt, herbs and red pepper. Satsebeli almost ready, but the distinctive, special taste and aroma it gives kardobenedikt that is not easy to find on the shelves of local, so instead you can use spice hops-suneli, a part of which contains the above spice.

Often housewives are added in place of or in addition to coriander dill or parsley. Also part of the traditional recipe is diluted by the addition of tomatoes, so the taste and consistency of satsebeli become more delicate and rich.

Satsebeli - the sauce is almost universal, and without it costing a rare Georgian cuisine. Especially beautiful satsebeli combined with succulent kebabs on Georgian recipe, chicken tobacco. It is important to bear in mind that it is best suited to meat-based satsebeli ripe plum, barberry, pomegranate and blackberry. The sauce, which is present in the composition of these fruits and berries, sweet taste rather different. It is better to choose a bird ingredients that make satsebeli acquire a pleasant acidity. It usually unripe grapes. Feeding can be both heat and cold.

Despite the wealth of ingredients satsebeli different low calorie. 100 g of product contains no more than 52 calories. The fat content is minimal and close to zero, as well as the content of proteins. Carbohydrates per 100 grams contains about satsebeli '13