Saskatoon common
 Saskatoon ordinary - a shrub of the Rosaceae family, with a dark blue or purple rounded fruits, like small apples with juicy and sweet flesh, tender skin.

Fruits of Saskatoon brings every year, in July and August, blooms in April and May. Vintage collected parts, as fruits ripen gradually. The leaves for medicinal purposes better to collect in May, and bark - in the fall.

Also cultivated varieties such irgi: Canadian, blood-red, olholistnaya, smooth pigweed, Saskatoon Lamarck, which differ in color of leaves and fruit yield.

Depending on the type of Saskatoon with good care can produce 5-10 kilograms of fruit.

Calorie Berry irgi ordinary - 45 calories, fats and proteins in them no carbohydrates in fruit 100g - 12g.

Useful properties of the composition due irgi berries they contain malic acid, sugar, vitamins C, B, A, sterols, tannins, flavonoids, coumarins, copper, cobalt, lead, pectins, carotene.

Use irgi

Saskatoon - it is a good tool for the treatment of beriberi, it is desirable to use on a regular basis for the prevention of colds and flu. Irgu use in a dry, fresh, frozen, boiled from her compote and jam.

As the coating and binding agent used a decoction of the leaves and bark irgi: take one part of a medicinal plant to 10 parts water. Broth can rinse the mouth with periodontitis and other dental diseases, treating wounds, bedsores and burns, when taken orally enterocolitis, gastritis, colitis. Also, when these diseases are the gastrointestinal tract helps broth: 20g dried leaves irgi 5-6min boiled in 250ml of water in a water bath insist hour. Then strain the broth needed. Assuming it can be on the third or fourth cup before meals three p / day.

It has astringent properties and the juice of fresh berries. Just squeeze the juice of freshly picked fruit, and a little of dried - irgu in a dry place to survive 7-10 days.

Fruits irgi can be used for the prevention of cardiovascular disease because they contain a substance that lowers cholesterol - beta sitosteron. Regularly use irgu Council and for the prevention of varicose veins, heart attack.

The anti-inflammatory properties useful irgi successfully used in treatment of purulent angina - the juice from the fruit, rinse the throat.

Fresh blueberries have a sedative effect, help with sleep disorders, insomnia. Giving this purpose berries can be children and adults.

Tincture of the flowers in the ordinary irgi helps with hypertension, heart failure.

To prepare the tincture of the flowers (1 tablespoon) Pour 250ml boiling water for two hours insist, filter. Hypertension tincture drink 1-2 tablespoons spoon 3-4 times a day.  Juice irgi astringent

It is also observed that eating berries irgi is a good prevention of cancer, improves the immune system, eliminate toxins, heavy metals, bad cholesterol, reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Contraindications to the use irgi

Given that one of the useful properties irgi - lowering pressure treated with tincture of flowers on a plant is contraindicated gipotonikam.

Take herbal teas and tinctures irgi, dried and fresh fruits of different varieties irgi recommended only at night - because during the day there can be problems with concentration, you may be drowsiness, confusion.

The fruits of the plant increases blood clotting, so use a large number of berries is impossible to those involved in traumatic activities.

Putting irgu, it is important not to confuse it with the buckthorn, the fruits of which can only be used within a year after the harvest.