Sardine is a small marine fish from the herring family, which reaches a length of about 20 cm, has a greenish back and silver belly.  Sardine Far
 On the sun cast the scales of fish in several colors of the rainbow.

Sardines are found in the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, they are caught by special trawls, nets and purse seines type. Sardine fishing is carried out in Morocco, Portugal and Spain, while in Russia the fish caught in the Far East. From the waters of the Pacific sardine catch of 230 thousand. Tonnes per year.

Currently, catching sardines reduced, due to the decrease in the number of fish caused by climatic conditions.

Beneficial features

Sardines are well absorbed by the human body and are the source of a large number of nutrients, including iodine, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, calcium and zinc.

Benefits sardines 2-3 times greater than that of herring and white fish. Most useful is given fish fats needed body and does not cause malfunction of the digestive system of humans.

The composition of fatty acids include sardines, omega-3, which are intended for the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system, reduce the risk of blood clots in the blood vessels, promote blood flow and strengthen the immune system.

When used sardines Far East, containing essential fatty acids, reduces the symptoms of psoriasis, improving the functioning of the brain and increases visual acuity.

Sardine contains a complex of vitamins (A, B12, B6, D) and fish oil, which lowers cholesterol.

Most use sardines boiled as fish contains coenzyme Q10, which is a highly antioxidant to strengthen the immune system.

Some international medical studies have shown that eating sardines Far reduces the likelihood of asthma attacks, and fatty acids in its composition have anti-inflammatory and regenerating action.

Proven to be beneficial for bone sardines, as with regular use of the fish reduces the risk of arthritis and atherosclerosis. Since the composition of fish has nicotinic acid, it improves the condition of the nervous system and can reduce the symptoms of psychiatric disorders.

Meat sardines, thanks to the large amounts of calcium and vitamin B12 improves the condition of the joints. 100g of sardine contains the daily value of vitamin B3, B6, fatty acid, zinc and phosphorus.

Calorie sardines

Sardinia is called the three types of fish - sardinella, sardines and sardinops. Calorie sardines ocean is about 170 units, while there are more than 20 units. protein and 9 units. fat. Atlantic Sardine contains 250 calories.

Calorie sardines in a different form of:

  • boiled 178 calories;
  • oil 230 calories;
  • fresh 169 calories;
  • in tomato sauce, 160 calories.

Eating sardines

From fresh sardines cooked soups and stir-fry with vegetables, as well as this fish is fried and smoked. Cooked sardines have a grayish hue and somewhat dry, and fried fish more tender, juicy and has a sour taste. Far Eastern sardine broth obtained nourishing and tasty.

Before cooking  Canned sardines
 any fish dish with her take off the scales and remove the entrails. Before frying the fish need to add salt and pepper and roll in flour, then fry on both sides in olive oil.

From canned sardines can be prepared salads and snacks, sandwiches and sandwiches. Fresh fish can be cooked on the grill and fried with a little oil. Of sardines produced delicious fishcakes, but must be removed from fish bones and fillets in a meat grinder to grind.

Large sardines from the coast of Brittany, France supplied to canneries, where they were marinated in a special brine and dipped in olive oil, and then placed in a tin box, which is heated in the boiler. Also in France, sold salted sardines. The fish is salted for 2 months and then begins its preservation.

On the Russian market sardines often come in frozen or canned form. In the Far East vessels caught huge quantities of sardines, which are then imported into European countries.

Smoked sardines are popular in the USA and Ukraine, and in Austria and Germany called sprat sardines cooked with a special spicy sauce. To this soot fish, it is first salted in special vats for 10 days and then removed and washed with salt. The fish are placed for several days in a smoking machine.

The Italians and the French are prepared from sardine paste and add it to the pizza, and in Tunisia in the national dish couscous used stuffed sardines.

Contraindications to eat

Sardines can not be used if you are hypersensitive and allergies to fish products. Also, this fish is not suitable for gout, and various kinds of salt deposits in the bones.

People with hypertension should be aware that this fish raises blood pressure.

Sardines are oily fish and nutritious product that should not be included in dieteticheskom menu.

Patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract recommend eating sardines in tomato sauce or stewed without oil.