Sangria or Zurra, how is called this drink in Spain - one of the most popular cocktails, basic  Sangria - a popular drink in Spain
   component of which is wine, ice and fruit. The story of the beverage associated with hot climates in Spain. The temperature in summer there does not drop below 30 degrees, so the pure wine to drink in the heat seriously, sangria and acts as a kind of alternative.

In recent years, reviews of sangria spread beyond Spain, and its production is established on an industrial scale. But home sangria is very easy to cook, and her cooking recipe, there are many.

Spaniards themselves prefer not to buy industrial sangria, as it is composed of artificial ingredients and dyes that are killing its true taste. In honor they have only homemade sangria!

According to the reviews of Spanish Sangria, you must drink it with pleasure and fun. The ideal situation is a fun outing with the participation of a country big company.

History sangria

There was sangria in southern Spain about 400 years ago. Fruit pickers, to cope with the heat, always carried a jar of red wine, which is diluted with spring water. Such adulterated wine does not cause intoxication and very good for the work under the scorching sun. Over time, the wine began to add different ingredients, mostly fruit.

Why is this drink called "Sangria" (in Spanish - "blood " ), Is not known. According to one legend, the drink got its name due to the large slaughter occurring in the Rioja wine-growing village in the late 17th century. Local lords supposedly very angry because of the fact that farmers harvested a crop not met their expectations, and massacred. As a result, many people were killed, including women and children. However, all the villagers to destroy the feudal lords did not have time, because the peasants presented them as a gift drink, which they had never before tasted. Feudal lords as he liked, what they demanded of the peasants to reveal the secret of its preparation. The peasants themselves in the memory of the victims began to call the drink sangria.

There is another legend, according to which the author of sangria is an Italian soldier Helio Gabal, who was captured by Spanish conquistadors. The prisoner was subjected to severe torture, including its spy. But, did not know anything, the Spaniards were forced to let him go. Once free, Gabal, who was fond of agronomy, began to study the local varieties of oranges.

Having made friends with local farmers, Gabal told them that a long time dream to come up with a delicious citrus wine. At home he spent on it in vain for several years. Therefore, I come to Spain, as it is here grow the best varieties of oranges. Interested farmers introduced Gabala with the best winemakers, and together they began to implement the Italian dream. As a result, they have since failed. Gabal so angry, that anger promptly inserted into the jug with grape wine coarsely chopped oranges, saying that no matter what he would drink only citrus wine! And to cool the wine, he also added a few pieces of ice. Affected Spaniards watched fascinated as Gabal prevents red drink. After trying it, they said it was the blood of the devil and again subjected to torture Italian, and then burned at the stake. And for the drink got the name "sangria".

Species diversity

Judging by the reviews sangria made from a variety of ingredients. Her  Sangria in a bottle
   palatability can vary from fruit liquor and used in the cooking process. Many prefer to add a drink sparkling water, giving it a sparkling. There are even recipes for sangria on the basis of white wine. Summer home sangria are served chilled and in winter, on the contrary, heated and spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves.

There are several types of sangria:

  • Normal or quiet. When her cooking soda is not added, but necessarily present grapes and citrus. Quiet sangria is fresh and light sweet-sour taste with bright citrus and grape notkami.Chasto to this drink is also added lime, lemon, peach, strawberry, banana, apple, pineapple and melon.
  • White sangria. It is no different from the usual sangria, but it serves as the basis for the white wine.
  • Sparkling sangria. It is made on the basis of soda or sparkling wines. The bouquet bubbly sangria unimaginable fragrance combines citrus and grapes, which add flavor nutty and floral notes of arising in the process of fermentation in the sealed system.

Of course, a clear distinction between the types of drink does not exist. In preparing homemade sangria, much depends on the capabilities and imagination. In general, it is very difficult to spoil sangria any wrong ingredient. Beauty beverage is light taste and ingredients are only able to improve and highlight it.