Salmon refers to a family of salmon. That's a pretty big fish, some individuals it reached a length of 1, 5 m and weight of 39 kg. Salmon outside covered  Salmon - the fish of the salmon family
 fine silvery scales below the lateral line spots on its surface there, but during the spawning season (September-November) on the head and sides appear red and orange spots.

Salmon lives in the Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean, the Baltic Sea, feeding on crustaceans and other fish. To spawn, she swims in the river. Mature fish between the ages of 5-6 years. In the rivers of each individual lays from 6 to 25 thousand large orange eggs from which a juvenile. Young fish live in the rivers up to 5 years and then go into the sea. Lifespan salmon to 9 years.

For people this type of fish is a high commercial value, its red meat is very tasty and healthy.

Benefits of Salmon

The meat of this fish can be included in the diet of both adults and children. Although there are many different ways to cook salmon, the maximum amount of nutrients retained when roasting it in foil.

Calorie salmon 2 times higher than white fish. Meat red fish is easily digestible source of protein and essential amino acids, 100 g of product contains half the daily requirement of protein intake.

Use salmon for the body is determined by its fats which consist of polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are easily digested, and unlike animal fats are very useful, especially to prevent the formation of blood clots, heart disease, to improve blood flow to the smallest capillaries.

Regular consumption of salmon improves the digestive tract, liver, nervous system, the elasticity of blood vessels, increases resistance to infections. Salmon weak salting contains substances that prevent thrombophlebitis (inflammation and venous thrombosis).

This fish improves mood and relieves tension, helps you quickly recover your brain after a tiring work.

The benefits of salmon for pregnant women is that it is an indispensable source of protein for the unborn child, and omega-3 fatty acids, which are involved in the construction of the fetal brain.

With regular deficiency in the diet of polyunsaturated fatty acids more likely to develop atherosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, immunodeficiency.

Also the omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties, salmon is rich in magnesium, and therefore may be useful in the prevention of attacks of bronchial asthma. According to scientists, magnesium deficiency can be one of the precipitating causes of asthma.

According to some salmon has a positive effect on psoriasis, on the brain and eyes.

Fish rich in vitamins A, B and D, fish oil is able to reduce cholesterol levels and increase protein digestibility. Many salmon in mineral trace elements, especially valuable to the human body, iodine and selenium.

Caloric salmon is 220 kcal per 100g of product.

Cooking salmon

Sales often You can find fresh and frozen salmon, as well as salted and smoked - a ready-to-eat. The smell of fresh fillets should not have expressed the fishing shade structure fresh fish elastic.

Cooking salmon  Cooking salmon
 It does not belong to the category of complex and time-consuming procedures. Great taste of fish is preserved in a simple dish, and it is rightly referred to as fish specialties.

You can cook grilled salmon, baked in foil. It is not recommended to fry the fish, as in this case, almost all of the nutrients are destroyed. That's why this fish connoisseurs prefer it to smoke or salt. If the salmon is bought in a shop vacuum-packed, it can be stored up to 2 months from the date of packaging. When the package is opened - the shelf life is reduced to 1-1, 5 days.

To prepare salted salmon should be to cut it into fillets, roll each piece in salt and put under the yoke, shifting pieces during maturation for a uniform salting, within a day fillets ready for use, and requires no additional cooking. The hardest part of cooking salmon weak salting - to cut fillets. This fish is great for salads, omelets, canapes.

To bake the salmon in the oven, the fish is cleaned of scales, cut into steaks, remove the bones and crumble in a mixture of dill and salt. To better fillets soaked, give it to stand for half an hour. Then the fish sprinkled with fresh lemon juice, wrap in foil and put on 30 minutes in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees. This dish is very useful and can become an ornament to any holiday table. High-calorie salmon combined with a delicate flavor and aroma to satisfy the most demanding appetite.


Salmon do not recommend is, if earlier it observed allergic reactions. Most often this happens if you eat salmon, which were used in the preparation of preservatives and dyes.