Saffron milk cap

Ryzhikov - edible mushrooms of the first category with high nutritional value.  Ryzhikov - Mushrooms of the first category
 After ceps and milk mushrooms they occupy third place in the taste and nutritional qualities.

Its name got these fungi due to the characteristic red color. Externally, they are very bright, orange-red, with a head diameter of 17 cm. On the surface of the cap are allocated concentric circles darker orange. The young mushroom cap convex in mature - funnel-shaped, the bottom plate on the bonnet creases.

If the fungus break, then break seen a drop of orange juice with a resinous odor. After a few minutes, and juice, and green line of fracture in air. Stipe into a cylindrical shape, a length of 6 cm, with white flesh inside.

Growing mushrooms groups in the form of tapes or semicircle. Favorite places are spruce and pine forests, these fungi prefer to grow on sandy soils. They are harvested from late July until the first frost in October. Big harvest mushrooms can be collected in a cool summer.

The beneficial properties of mushrooms

The orange milk mushrooms contain a lot of vitamin A precursor - beta-carotene, that he gives the characteristic color of the mushrooms. Vitamin A is involved in the formation of visual pigment that is very important for vision. It improves the recovery of damaged tissues accelerates the healing of wounds and cuts, has a positive effect on the skin and mucous membranes. The presence of beta-carotene useful properties mushrooms are not limited. Fungi also contain vitamins B and C. trace elements - iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, calcium. These materials are part of enzymes regulate the water content in the cells and perform other important functions.

The orange milk mushrooms contain a natural antibiotic laktrioviolin, which is active against many bacteria. Therefore mushrooms are especially useful in inflammatory and bacterial infections, including tuberculosis.

When lung disease eating mushrooms in addition to essential medicines speeds recovery.

The orange milk mushrooms contain up to 4% of easily digestible protein, the nutritional value of which can be compared with the meat. Amino acids of these fungi are well absorbed by the body.

Cooking mushrooms

Ryzhikov had long been an integral part of Russian cuisine. Also, they are always appreciated in France, Poland and Italy, where the mushrooms were transported from Russia. In cooking, these mushrooms are considered delicacies, so they are tasty and nutritious.

The most common mushrooms salt - is the most easiest and fastest way to prepare them for the future. Before salting mushrooms recommended not to wash, just clear of debris and wipe clean. They just pour salt, and put under the yoke, and when a layer of mushrooms settles, fresh report to the top. Salted mushrooms are often added to okroshka.  Ryzhikov pickled

Ryzhikov well with vegetables, potatoes, onions, and they are tasty fried, pickled, stewed with meat in the soup and-bag. Especially gentle turn mushrooms stewed in sour cream. You can recommend these mushrooms as a filling for pies and dumplings.

Calorie mushrooms

Calorie mushrooms, like other mushrooms is low, and amounts to about 20 calories per 100 grams of mushrooms. But salted and pickled mushrooms are fairly high-calorie foods and nutritionally superior herring, eggs and meat, beef. Particularly appreciated for calorie mushrooms in salted vegetarians, because for them it is still a valuable source of protein.

Damage from mushrooms

Application for food mushrooms in some people can cause constipation and muscle weakness. Eating these mushrooms provides significant load on the digestive system and can provoke an aggravation of gastritis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis. I do not recommend eating mushrooms to people who removed the gallbladder.