Quail - a small bird related to the pheasant family, subfamily Kuropatkovyh, Galliformes squad. Distinguish  Quail - bird pheasant family
 Ten species of quail, two of which are completely destroyed by man. These include:

  • Common Quail;
  • Dumb quail;
  • Australian quail;
  • Chernogrudy quail;
  • Harlequin quail;
  • King quail;
  • Coturnix ypsilophora;
  • Coturnixadansonii;
  • New Zealand Quail (extinct);
  • Coturnixgomerae (extinct).

The most frequently encountered in nature and type of household quail - quail ordinary or Coturnix coturnix. The length of its body reaches 20 cm, weight - about 145 grams. The plumage of a bird gray-ocher color, back, top of the head, rump - a light-brown spots and transverse stripes. The difference between the female from the male is a pale coloration of the throat and chin.

Common Quail lives in Africa, West Asia, Europe, Russia (east of Lake Baikal). Wintering birds in Southern Europe and the Caucasus, the bulk of the birds reach the outskirts of India, Africa and Arabia.

Grown and quail in the home, and on poultry farms, regardless unpretentious and high bird.

Useful properties of quail

Quails Meat is a valuable dietary product. In Russia, quail meat is considered a delicacy and was called "royal food" not only because of its tenderness and juiciness, but also because of high nutritional quality.

Quails Meat is rich in amino acids and B vitamins, phosphorus, easily digestible protein, copper, potassium and other minerals. Especially actually eating quail meat for food by people suffering from diseases of the lungs, liver, musculoskeletal, digestive and cardiovascular systems. Thanks to the balanced composition, quail meat is recommended to include in the diet food: it contains almost no cholesterol, well absorbed by the body and restore the metabolism.

The advantages of quail meat:

  • Its constituent potassium has on the body and hypotensive arrhythmic action is responsible for the work of the brain;
  • Vitamin PP helps to improve microcirculation in the vessels, being an excellent tool for the prevention of gout;
  • Meat quail, compared with chicken contains several times more vitamin D, B1, B2, realizing prevention of rickets;
  • Regular consumption of quail meat helps to strengthen the skeletal system, the increase in muscle mass, as well as improve the overall tone of the body.

The nutritional value of meat quails

Calorie quail meat is 134 kcal / 100 g. energy value:

  • Protein - 21, 76 g;
  • Fat - 4, 53 g;
  • Carbohydrates - 0 of

The composition includes quail: Vitamin PP (8, 2 mg), vitamin C (7, 2 mg), vitamin B12 (0, 47 g), vitamin B9 (7mkg), vitamin B6 (0, 53 mg), vitamin B5 (0 787 mg), vitamin B2 (0, 285 mg), vitamin B1 (0, 283 mg), vitamin A (17 mg) and selenium (17, 4 mg), manganese (0, 019 mg) Copper (594 mg), zinc (2, 7 g), iron (4, 51 mg), phosphorus (307 mg), potassium (237 mg), sodium (51 mg), magnesium (25 g), calcium (13 mg ).

Preparation of quail meat

The finished meat quail frozen offered to the consumer from the shelves of shops and supermarkets. If you happen to be the owner of the carcass just killed birds before cooking game must be properly treated.

In carcasses  Preparation of quail
 Quail are cut neck, legs and wing tips, do not carry a no nutritional value, but are suitable for the preparation of dietary broths. After that game scalded with boiling water and pluck. After plucking carcasses remain in the thin filamentous feathers that are cleaned using a gas burner.

Further, from quail carcass must be removed internal organs. Treated game thoroughly washed under warm running water and placed in parchment or plastic bags. Packaged quail kept in a freezer for about 2 days, more long-term storage should occur only in a freezer.

Every country has the most favorite way of cooking quail. In Europe, like feeding quail, grilled with vegetable or fruit garnishes. The French prefer to stuff the bird various fillings, the most savory and delicious mushrooms of which are considered and citrus.

Residents of Western Asia made from quail meat fragrant rice, the Greeks fed quail in the company with fresh herbs and olives. In Italy, the meat of quail prefer to cook traditional dishes such as soups and sauces based on thick broth.


Hypersensitivity of quail meat.