Witch's broom

Pomelo (pompelius, sheddok) - a plant from the family of citrus fruits used in food for many centuries. Homeland citrus is considered to be China, it is also for sale are grown in countries such as Thailand, Japan, India, Israel.  Pomelo - plant of the family of citrus

Often compared with pomelo grapefruit. In fact, these two citrus have different origins and quite a lot of differences. Pomelo is deprived unpleasant bitter taste, do not paint hands, it contains fewer films and easier to clean.

The trees, which grow this exotic fruit, reach a height of 10 meters, the crown of their rounded and compact, oblong leaves, about 20 cm in length, the upper surface of the glossy and silky bottoms. The flowers are large pomelo, white.

Fetus distinctive appearance, which can not be confused with other fruits. Pomelo grapefruit larger weight of pomelo can reach 1 kg. The rind is thick, has shades from pale green to bright orange, the pulp is white, yellow or reddish in color. Fruit shape round or pear-shaped, about 18 cm long. Slices of pomelo large and juicy, seeds, sweet-sour taste and a pleasant citrus scent.

There are wild species of broom, but the fruit on an industrial scale they are grown specially. Plants can grow in light and cool place, but at home they grow complicated, since it is impossible to create sufficient moisture.

Use broom

Most often, pomelo eaten fresh pulp is also added into the salad with seafood and exotic sauces. From pomelo can prepare jam, marmalade, mincemeat, candy, syrup for soaking confectionery. The pulp pomelo is complementary fish and meat dishes. Low calorie pomelo can be attributed to it in the category of dietary products.

Fresh fruit can be stored for a long time at room temperature, they remain fresh longer grapefruit. Quite often, the fruits are decorative role, decorating the holiday table.

Use broom

The fruit of this exotic fruit contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin composition of the pomelo is presented in vitamins A, C and Group B. All of them are involved in the regulation of various biochemical reactions, as part of the tissue enzymes. Vitamins A and C - strong antioxidants that protect cells from damage by free radicals of oxygen. Vitamin C strengthens the vascular wall, improves the body's immune defenses. B vitamins are involved in the formation of blood cells contribute to the regeneration - restoration of damaged tissues.

Of the minerals in broom most part contains iron, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and sodium. This is the most important trace elements regulating the intracellular balance and function of internal organs.

Benefit pomelo define special organic substances that were identified during the study of the composition of the fruit - limonoids. Studies have shown that the limonoids are capable of preventing the multiplication of cancer cells, that is, to prevent and treat cancer. The anti-cancer properties of pomelo implemented subject to regular use of it, but after the power they can be compared with drugs.

Use broom is determined by its ability to increase metabolism, increase energy production in the body, so it will be useful in the fight against overweight and for a quick recovery after sports. This also contribute to sugar contained in the fruit pulp.  Caloric pomelo - 35 kcal per 100 g

Useful properties of pomelo impact on the state of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Thus, the use of the pomelo is the ability to lower blood pressure. Because of the ability to improve the mood of these fruits can be called a natural antidepressant.

Peel contains many essential oils that have a tonic and strengthening effect, so successfully used in cosmetics and aromatherapy. Properties pomelo improve the condition and appearance of the skin for a long time used in the preparation of cosmetic masks. Furthermore, bioflavonoids peel positively pomelo affect the course of chronic diseases of the digestive tract.

Calorie pomelo is about 35 kcal per 100 grams of fruit pulp. Low calorie numbers pomelo and pleasant taste qualities allow us to recommend this product for the use of people who are overweight.

Harm pomelo

On the dangers of pomelo can speak very conditional - this fruit is so useful. If you are hypersensitive pomelo damage can manifest itself in the form of allergic reactions by type of hives or skin rash. Moderate use this exotic fruit should be people with ulcerative bowel disease, inflammatory diseases of the liver and kidneys.