Pokeweed - properties and applications in medicine
 Or pokeweed pokeweed - a poisonous plant, reaching a height of three meters. At the root of pokeweed vertical, thick branching stems and leaves in the form of an ellipse.

Pokeweed Blossoms from June to August and in September ripen dense brush shiny berries that first have a deep red color and then become almost black.

The area of ​​distribution and types of pokeweed

In nature, there are about forty species of plants pokeweed. It is home to North America, but eventually pokeweed spread everywhere and is now found in other continents.

Pokeweed perfectly caught in the South Caucasus and the North Caucasus, as well as in Ukraine. It usually settles in the area of ​​residential areas or along roads, but does not like the heat and prefers shaded areas.

Medicinal properties of pokeweed

Due to the healing properties of pokeweed are used in folk medicine for high blood pressure, headaches, sciatica and kidney diseases. The plant has a laxative, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, expectorant and anthelminthic action. On the basis of pokeweed prepare homeopathic remedies. Other features worth noting pokeweed its beneficial effects on the heart and blood vessels.

For therapeutic purposes, decoction leaves of the plant are used not only for domestic but also for outdoor use. For example, in boils, seals, hemorrhoids, or lesions of the skin integument. Alcohol tincture is rubbed back with radiculitis and joint arthritis.

However, it should be remembered that pokeweed - a plant poison, and can only use it in proper proportions and on the recommendation of a physician.

Formulations pokeweed plant

In the manufacture of medicaments of pokeweed use all parts of the plant - leaves, stems, roots and fruit. Of these craftsmen create decoctions, tinctures, syrups and ointments. The most powerful therapeutic effect have pokeweed root and juice, but the fruits are full of least of all, but that's why they are the most safe when used inside. Stems, leaves and fruits of pokeweed first harvested and then proceed to processing the root.

Root pokeweed plant can be used only if its color is yellowish-white. If the root is red, it is strictly forbidden to use it, as it contains a large concentration of poisons.

Fruits of pokeweed dried in a well ventilated area, the roots - in the oven or stove. Ready-made ingredients for medicines put in woven bags and store in a dry place.

Recipes from pokeweed

  • The medicine for the treatment of joints. In this recipe, pokeweed (leaves) poured with warm water, capped and left in the dark place for 2 weeks. The infusion must be used within one month for the grinding of the joints and back, and from it you can make compresses;
  •  Pokeweed - a perennial plant with medicinal properties
 Infusion for the treatment of otitis media, laryngitis and tonsillitis. This recipe from pokeweed prepared as follows: 10 g of the plant roots is poured 100 ml of alcohol, allowed to infuse medication for 2 weeks. Is inside 15 drops each day (3-4 times a day). It is also a good means of strengthening immunity.

If sore throat, rheumatism and sciatica using sap. Due to the healing properties of pokeweed can cure violations in the gastrointestinal tract. For this it is necessary to eat fruit 2-3 in the morning and evening.

All recipes from pokeweed appointed strictly on the advice of a doctor, because the plant is poisonous and can cause serious harm. In case of overdose occur cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, paralysis, headache, dizziness and even stop breathing and heart.