Perilla - a perennial plant of the family Labiatae (Lamiaceae). The plant reaches a height of 40-60 centimeters. The plant can be divided into three types of stem color: red, pink, purple and green leaves. Perillo contains many nutrients and essential oils. For example, the content of carotene plant can safely bet with carrots.  Perilla krasnolistnyh

There are two types of Perilla:

  • Basil, which preferably are grown on the seeds for the production of essential oil;
  • Nanjing, or salad, which is used as a cooking spice.

Perilla has a beautiful appearance, especially good krasnolistnyh its species, which are often used to decorate dishes.

The plant has silnovetvistuyu structure leaves are large, touch dryish and wrinkled. In Japan, perilla is an essential feature decorations of gardens.

In Russia, mainly used Japanese breeding varieties. Good yield and yield grade Akashiso Aoshioso. From the popular varieties of Russian breeding variety Rosinka, as he cold-resistant, precocious and has a longer growing season - 150 days. At present, domestic breeders engaged in breeding new varieties of plants.

Perilla loves loose, well-fertilized soil. Grow plants mainly seedlings, using a pot method. Plants Seeds germinate very slowly, so before planting them soaked for several days, and the water is changed at least three times a day.

Seedlings seeds are sown in April and May, and with the emergence of two true leaves in seedlings dive or greenhouses Film greenhouses at a distance of 20-30 centimeters from each other.

By cleaning green start at the beginning of flowering. The shoots are cut at a height of 10 centimeters from the ground. During the season, they do tend to two cutting. Depending on the growing conditions, the average yield is 0, 5-5 kg ​​per square meter.

Fresh herbs preserved up to seven days, if put in the refrigerator in a glass jar and cover with lid. The plastic bags Perillo store is not recommended as it quickly rots. For long term storage use traditional harvesting herbs.

The use of perilla in cooking

Greens perilla has a mild anise and lemon scent, taste - juicy and tender, with a slight peppery taste. Use the leaves of young plants mainly in fresh form. Also leaves marinated, salted and added in the preparation of drinks and sauces.

Of dry leaves of Perilla make powder, which was used as a spice, adding to meat and vegetable dish. Mainly used as a spice zelenolistnye plant variety.

Krasnolistnyh grade is added to all kinds of pickles to give them color. In Japan, for example, krasnolistnyh Perillo added at pickling stahisa. At the same time the tubers become thin stahisa specific aroma and beautiful rose-red hue.

Medicinal properties of perilla

The main therapeutic effect of essential oils and fatty perilla, which are contained in large amounts in the seeds and leaves of the plant. The seeds and leaves make different infusions and decoctions, which have antiseptic, sedative and analgesic effect. Use them for coughs, colds, bronchitis, as well as used as a diaphoretic and diuretic.  Essential oil of perilla

Big oil has medicinal properties of perilla. Get it from the seeds of the plant by cold pressing.

As part of perilla oil contains large amounts of acid alfalinolevoy - about 64%. This acid is an essential unsaturated fatty acids required for the normal functioning of the human body. Oleic and linoleic acids are presented in perilla oil in an amount of 15% and 17% respectively. It should also be noted that the perilla oil - the only vegetable oil, which included twice more omega-3 fatty acids than fish oils.

The use of oil helps in various skin diseases, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, positive effect on the nervous system, reduces inflammation of the joints.

The perilla oil contains tannins and phenolic compound (luteolin, catechin, rosmarinic acid, apigenin) and glycosides, flavonoids, terpenes, which have potent anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant properties.

Rosemary acid protects the skin from harmful UV rays, stabilizes cell membranes, fights free radicals, and therefore is also related to anti-cancer properties of perilla oil.

In addition, the South-East and the Japanese cosmetics and perfume industry are widely used perilla oil. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin, relieves itching and irritation. On the basis of the oil prepared various creams, scrubs and facials, as well as air conditioners and shampoos for the hair.