Pecan - woody plant from the family of walnut. Pecan tree recognized as the official symbol of Texas. Homeland  Pecans
 Plants considered to be North America (its southern part). It also grows in the Caucasus, Crimea and Central Asia.

Pecan Fruit - false drupe, which is called a nut. Ripening usually takes place in October - early November, but known and pecan varieties whose fruit ripens earlier.

Outside the fleshy fruit with hard shell, which hardens when ripe and cracked. Inside the fruit is placed with a smooth walnut shell brown, about a millimeter thick. The core consists of two overgrown embryo cotyledons, part of which just contains all the useful components. The core is 50% of the nut. Fatness core - about 70%.

Pecan nut usually oval or oblong shape elongated up to four centimeters, a width of two centimeters, with the average weight of five-six grams.

Pecan wood is valued for its high technical quality, and the core - for high biological quality. Wood is used for the manufacture of plywood, molded products, furniture, and is also used in construction.

Pecan - the closest relative of the walnut. The form and he looks like a shell of a hazelnut, and its edible kernel resembles the taste and type of walnut. However, this type of nuts is much softer and softer walnuts. In its taste pecan second only to Brazil nuts.

In addition, there is pecan interior walls, in walnut, so it is much easier to remove from the shell. The seam and bottom nut tightly close and do not contain the soft layer. That is why there is no worm-eaten pecans and its kernel never rancid.

Calorie pecan high. Indicator calorie pecan much higher than calorie walnuts. The kernel of walnut and pecan kernel weigh about the same, but the kernel of a walnut half pecan kernel.

Food value and caloric pecans

These nuts contain much more sugar than in other types of nuts, and besides, they are much more calories. Calorie pecan - 691 kcal per 100 g of nuts. Thus, only two hundred grams of edible part of nuts provide about 1,800 calories, which is almost half the daily requirement of calories. Every day is recommended to drink no more than 100 grams of nuts.

One hundred grams of edible portion pecan contained 72% fat, 10% protein, 14% carbohydrates, 10 g of dietary fiber and 4 g of mono and disaccharides, 0, 50 g starch, 3, 5 g of water, 1, 5 g of ashes.

Nut contains 121 mg of magnesium, 70 mg of calcium, 277 mg phosphorus, 410 mg of sodium 2, 5 mg of iron, 4, 5 mg of zinc, 1, 20 mg of copper, 4, 5 mg of manganese, 3 to 8 mg of selenium.

100 grams of pecan contains 56 mg of vitamin A, 0, 7 mg vitamin B1, 0, 1 mg of vitamin B2, 1, 1 mg of vitamin B3, 40, 5 mg of choline, 0, 9 mg of pantothenic acid, 0 2 mg of pyridoxine, 22 mg vitamin B9, 1, 1 mg of ascorbic acid, 1, 4 mg of vitamin E.

Use pecans

Use pecan lies in its unique medicinal properties. Vitamin E in the nut includes a gamma-tocopherol - specific substance, which protects the fats, proteins and DNA of the cells from oxidation. Phytosterols consisting  Butter pecan packaging
 cores reduce bad cholesterol, prevent the development of atherosclerosis, coronary, varicose veins. Regular consumption of nuts reduces the concentration of bad cholesterol in the blood by a third. Pecan brings benefit and vitamin deficiency and anemia.

Pecan has a pronounced anti-cancer properties. Gamma-tocopherol in the composition of the nucleus destroys cancer cells by separating them from normal cells.

Useful core components pecan improve the functioning of hormonal and reproductive systems, stimulate appetite and relieve fatigue.

It possesses useful properties and oil derived from these nuts. The butter pecan all useful components are more concentrated. Will oil by cold pressing. Only in this case it retains unaltered all the useful components nut. The oil has a golden yellow color and taste like olive oil.

Walnut oil is recommended for external and for internal use. When administered it eliminates the headache, accelerates recovery from colds, improves the appetite and gives strength. The components of oil slows down the aging process, so it is indispensable for the elderly and people with weakened immune systems.

The oil is used for sunburn, skin irritations, bruises, fungal infections, insect bites.

It gives elasticity to the skin, moisturizes, refreshes and rejuvenates its cells. That is why it is often included in the composition of many cosmetics.

Ways to use pecans

Nuts eaten raw, fried or dried. They are often added to baked goods in a variety of dishes, as well as use in the manufacture of alcoholic beverages. Furthermore, children from these nuts prepared milk. Their triturated and mixed with water to form a homogeneous mass.

Walnut oil is suitable for rice dishes, various salads, mushrooms. It is perfect with fish dishes, cheeses and poultry.

In Russia, these nuts are not used in great demand, and pecan pie in the US is considered to be an integral part of any celebration.

storage conditions

Crude nut in a cool dry place in a closed container can be stored up to six months. Walnut in a purified form should be stored in the refrigerator for no more than three months. Frozen pecans should be stored no longer than six months. If you violate the terms and conditions of storage at Pecan appears bitter taste.