Pearl barley

Pearl barley is a product which is made from barley.

Divided  Pearl barley - a product of barley

  • Barley - whole grain from which bran removed (primary haulage);
  • Dutch - whole grains, entirely freed from the spine and roll the ball up;
  • Barley grits - crushed chopped pearl barley.

Pearl barley is used for cooking porridge, soups, stuffings for other products. Few people know, but because of this delicious cereal out very tasty salads. After the heat treatment of barley takes a nice nutty flavor.

The first mention of pearl barley are found in the Bible. In ancient times, barley porridge is considered a delicacy worthy of royal personages. For distinguished guests pearl barley is soaked for 12 hours, then boiled in milk, it was subjected to a long stewed in the oven and only then bring to the table, filled with fatty cream. Needless to say how delicious this food was!

Today pearl barley porridge is an integral part of the soldier's menu.

Use pearl barley

Pearl barley - a powerful antioxidant. It is extremely rich in amino acids, including lysine - an indispensable element, has antiviral effect on the body. Lysine is involved in the formation of collagen - a protein gives the skin elasticity and smoothness, preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

Pearl barley contains three times more selenium than in rice - an element that has a strong anti-cancer effect and is able to cleanse the body from being poisoned by mercury, lead, cadmium and other harmful substances.

Barley superior wheat fiber content and nutritional value of the protein contained therein. Part of the barley fiber determines the dietary properties of pearl barley - it perfectly removes toxins and prevents the formation of fatty deposits.

Use pearl barley allows to talk about it as a leader on the content of trace elements such as phosphorus - substances that are indispensable for full metabolism, adjust the nervous and mental activity, calcium absorption, which in combination with a high content of vitamin D in Perlovka helps strengthen bones and teeth .

The properties of pearl barley broth has also obtained from cereal he has on the body enveloping, antispasmodic, softening, blood-purifying, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, restorative action. A decoction of barley used in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, breast, cold, cough. Components that contains pearl barley, allow you to restore a full metabolism, increases lactation in nursing mothers, as well as help stop the growth of tumors in the early stages.

Use pearl barley can recommend it to people suffering from overweight and obesity.

Calorie pearl barley

Calorific value  Preparation of pearl barley
   pearl barley is 324 kcal / 100 g of product. the nutritional value:

  • Proteins - 9, 3 g;
  • Fats - 1, 1 g;
  • Carbohydrates - 73, 7 g

In conjunction with a low calorie pearl barley quickly saturates the body, making it an essential attribute of many diets. In addition, calorie pearl barley boiled even lower - it is only 121 kcal / 100 g contained in the composition of barley fiber normalizes the digestive tract, promotes regular bowel clean.

Harm pearl barley

Despite the fact that the great harm pearl barley can cause some contraindications for its use do exist. Barley porridge to get involved is not necessary for people with high acidity of the stomach, suffering from frequent constipation, as well as pregnant women - because a member of the barley gluten. Abuse of pearl barley can cause flatulence and even men can contribute to decreased libido. So everything is good in moderation - and a useful product as barley porridge, too!