Useful properties Pear

Pear contain cellulose, pectins, vitamins A, E, C, B, organic acids, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, zinc, manganese, cobalt, calcium, fluoride, molybdenum.

Calorie pears - all 42kkal to 100g fruit.

Due to the saturated composition known useful properties such pears: prevention of gastritis, liver pathologies, mochelopolovoy system, cholecystitis, treatment of headaches, depression, insomnia. Pear is an excellent diuretic, good for the heart and blood vessels - the fruit stabilizes the rhythm of the heart, removes cholesterol, strengthens blood vessels, stimulates blood flow.

Low calorie pear and low content of carbohydrates allows to use it to diabetics, people suffering from various disorders of the pancreas and obesity.

Also it found that pear stimulates the immune system, helps to eliminate toxins, heavy metals, and it contains binders strengthen the stomach and intestines.

Application pears

It is believed that the most useful wild pear varieties.

To remove the temperature with a fever and cough eliminate useful to drink a decoction of the fruit and the juice from pear wood is a good diuretic.

When prostate also helps pear congee, and the duration of its use, in most cases leads to a complete cure. For the prevention of prostatitis men after 50l should regularly drink the pear compote or tea. This helps harvested in the winter forest dried pear.

In diseases light bulb recommend eating fresh, baked or cooked fruit helps with bronchitis, pulmonary tuberculosis - eliminate cough.

The broth can also be used in case of inflammation of the urinary ducts, urolithiasis.

Cementing the useful properties of pears can be enhanced by adding to Grushevoi compote decoction of oats.

When diabetes is recommended to drink daily fresh pear juice - 50-70gr for half an hour before meals.

Low calorie pears, low chlorine, sodium, makes it possible to include the fruit in salt-free diet prescribed for nephritis, diseases of the heart, blood vessels.

To eliminate constipation is recommended to eat a pear cooked and food poisoning as an adjunct need to eat half fresh pear every hour.

A good result is to cleanse the body, prevention of cardiovascular disease provide handling "pear" days. Considering the low calorie pear fruit thus further helps fight obesity. It should be twice a week to eat only fresh pears: 1, 5, or 2 kg per day. If the fruit is very solid, it can be a little weld.

People suffering from anemia, shows every day to eat two large pear dessert instead. In addition, for greater effect should stretch my flesh, mix with 2 teaspoons of honey.

 In winter you can make a decoction of dried pears
 For eczema help application of pear pulp: it is applied to the affected skin for a while.

Cystitis is useful to eat every day to recover two or three baked pear, sprinkled with sugar.

Masks from the pulp of pears are actively used in cosmetics: it tightens pores, improve elasticity, heal fractures and abrasions, tone and rejuvenate.


Eating pears is not recommended to clean it from the skin - it contains fiber and nutrients phytonutrients.

You do not eat the fruit on an empty stomach immediately after eating (especially after the heavy meat and other foods), drink water. Also, do not advise people to eat pears with intestinal disorders, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Elderly after 70 l to prevent stomach problems recommended lightly baked pears or use only juicy and soft fruit.