Peach - the fruit of the tree of the family Pink
 Peach tree - a plant belonging to the subgenus Almond, Pink family. The fruit of peach tree spherical, velvety to the touch, with a groove on one side. Stone peach-furrowed and wrinkled, with a point located dimples. The taste of the fruit juicy, full-bodied, aromatic.

It is for certain the birthplace of Peach unknown. Today, culture is successfully bred in Southern Europe, Asia, and warmer parts of America. It is best peach fruiting in the same climatic conditions as the grapes.

There are two types of peaches: ordinary peach (hairy) and smooth (nectarines).

Use peaches

Peach - very valuable product in the human diet, is considered a delicacy. The pulp of ripe fruit has a pleasant velvety taste and aroma, it is caused by the presence in the fruit esters of acetic, formic, valeric and caprylic acids - however, this one features a peach not limited to: the fruits are recommended for use for children, people weakened from illness, as well as patients, heartburn sufferers, and a tendency to constipation.

Fruits of peach consumed both in fresh and in processed form, to make jams, compotes, juices or dried fruit.

Peaches improve digestion, increasing the secretory activity of the gastrointestinal tract, have a preventive effect of kidney disease, rheumatism, gout, gall bladder, liver, cardiovascular system. The high potassium content in peaches allows to successfully use the fruit in violation of cardiac rhythm.

Use peach obvious: ripe fruit contains 83% water, 15% sugar, malic, tartaric, citric, hloragenovuyu, Quinic acid dyes, nitrogen and aromatic substances and vitamins (C, B, provitamin A) and minerals (potassium , calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese).

Suffice pulp and P-active substances, the content of which depends on the type of fruit - most vitamin P, causes the antioxidant contained in the Armenian peach fruit.

The high content of magnesium in peaches positive effect on the human psyche, mitigating the effects of stress on his nervous system. The presence in the fruit of a peach tree helps to prevent iron deficiency anemia occurrence.

Medicinal properties also have the seeds and leaves of a peach. Broth from peach leaves, for example, has a mild laxative effect, preventing increased flatulence. Moreover, the tool facilitates headaches, pain during inflammation of the bladder in males and eliminates the symptoms of rheumatism.  Bones peach

Fresh peach leaves, mixed with raw unpeeled potatoes and help get rid of carbuncles, boils, psoriasis, and herpes zoster.

Bones peach are of particular value: it is they contain vitamin B17, known for its anti-cancer effects, and bitter almond oil.

Calorie peaches

Calorie Peach quite low - it is 45 kcal / 100 g edible part of it, allowing you to call this fruit diet.


Due to the high sugar content is not recommended to use fresh and, especially, dried peach fruit for people suffering from obesity or diabetes. Also, do not abuse the fruits of a peach tree allergies.