Papaya - Tropical fruit papaya tree, which grows in South America. In appearance reminds melon papaya fruit - they  Papaya - Tropical fruit papaya tree
 oblong, covered with thick greenish-orange rind. Second name papaya - papaya.

Benefits of Papaya

The most famous papaya useful feature - stimulation of the digestive system, which is possible thanks to being in the fruit enzyme called papain, which contains protease and another useful for GI substance similar to pepsin. On their impact on Eat, papain is similar to gastric juice - an enzyme helps extract the maximum amount of nutrients.

Papaya pulp is nutritious, sweet, it contains vitamins A, B, C, D, calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, fiber, proteins, carbohydrates.

Calorie papaya 100 grams of fresh fruit pulp, is 39 calories.

The use of papaya

Regular consumption of papaya makes it possible to improve the condition of gastric ulcers, colitis, asthma, liver problems.

Papaya tend to restore blood sugar, clean the intestines.

It has been observed that the inclusion in the daily diet of papaya people suffering from acidity of gastric juice, gives them an opportunity to get rid of heartburn feel better with gastritis.

Papaya can be given as the first foods to young children, because it is well absorbed, rarely causes allergic reactions.

This is something that concerns the papaya as a food product, and the recently discovered new, anti-tumor properties of papaya. Receiving extract obtained from dried leaves of the tree, it enables to suppress tumor growth. During the tests studied several types of cancer cells, it was found that the extract in all cases proved positive. Use papaya as anticancer agents in the fact that the drug based on the tree leaves virtually no side effects.

In addition, in the study of the extract was found to anti-infective properties of papaya.

The flesh of papaya helps to eliminate the effects of insect bites - just attach it to the place of the bite piece.

Low calorie papaya was spotted by nutritionists. The good effect is observed, if you include the fruit in a diet based on protein-carbohydrate alternation.

Developed  Papaya trees
 and mono-diet for papaya. Her condition - within a week, you can only eat a salad of fruit flesh. To prepare salad of papaya take two green-white flesh cut them into thin strips, add cilantro or parsley, a tablespoon of vegetable oil, a teaspoon of lemon juice, a little salt. If you stand on this salad a week, you can get rid of 3-4 kg.

With papaya can be done fasting days - enough to eat 2-3 fruits a day.

For the treatment of diseases and lesions, for example, eczema, burns and use isolated from papaya enzyme papain.

For the treatment of eczema are also used drugs produced on the basis of latex extracted from the peel of unripe papaya. This is a medicine used to treat diseases of the stomach.

Also known benefits of papaya to combat intestinal parasites - helps squeezed juice from the pulp.

Regular consumption of juice makes it possible to clean the intestines and eliminate the existing infection in it.

Beauticians recommend the use of papaya juice and juicy pulp of the fruit to remove pigmentation on the skin and rub the skin in places where there is unwanted body hair: observed that the enzyme papain breaks down keratin.

On the basis of papaya produced cosmetics for skin cleansing.

For the treatment of oily skin can make a mask from the pulp of the fruit - the pores are opened and cleaned.

Papaya doing and hair masks - to maintain their tone and eliminate dandruff.


Care must be taken to deal with unripe papaya fruit. Their juice is considered to be toxic, it can cause severe skin sensitization.

Understand that the juice can be harmless by its color - it should be colorless and watery.

Serious contraindications to the use of papaya is not, caution should be exercised in the presence of inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.