Ostrich egg

 Calorie ostrich eggs - 160 kcal per 100 g
 African ostrich - largest of all birds available in the world, bringing the largest egg weight of 1, 2-2, 2 kg.

Ostrich egg shell is smooth, riddled with different size and shape of the pores. Weight of shell eggs is 220 grams, the thickness - 1, 83 mm. Coating of shell varies from white to light yellow in color and is directly dependent on the birds' feathers. Ostrich egg has a large margin of safety and is able to withstand loads up to 55 kg.

In general, an ostrich egg composition of lipids and proteins close to the chicken egg. The color of his yolk - rich yellow, white - almost transparent. Ostrich eggs are unobtainable at any other time of the year, except for the summer: the female productive season lasts from March to September-October. Good female ostrich lays 10-30 eggs per breeding period, after she pauses. Healthy ostriches remain productive for 20-30 years, which leads to the purchase of this large bird as a long-term investment.

Ostrich egg - a product of high commercial value, so almost every one of them is sent to the incubation. Food products are only unfertilized eggs early or late production period. In this respect, ostrich eggs are concerned, as a rule, restaurants offering scrambled ostrich egg as exotic dishes or individual consumers who wish to surprise your guests an original snack to a gala evening.

The use of ostrich eggs

One ostrich egg weighs about 1, 5 kg contains approximately 1 kg of protein and 320 grams of egg yolk, showing an impressive portion of nutrients. Ostrich eggs have good organoleptic characteristics: the content of vitamin A in the product - 19, 5 ug / g of carotenoids - 36 6 g / g, of vitamin E - 116, 5 mg / g. They surpass chicken not only in size, but also the content of threonine and lysine - essential amino acids involved in building muscle protein or synthesized by the body.

Along with the fact that the ostrich egg has the same set of chicken useful substances: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals (potassium, calcium, phosphorus), dietary product value breeding ostrich is several times higher. This is due to a low cholesterol egg ostrich.

Calorie ostrich egg is 160 kcal / 100 g

Preparation of ostrich eggs

 Omelette of Ostrich Eggs
 Many ordinary people are interested in answer to the question "how to cook ostrich egg." In order to cook hard-boiled ostrich egg, you need about 75 minutes, boiled - 45 minutes. In some cases, the process of cooking the eggs can be simplified by doing his shell a few small holes. With their help will pour out the egg yolk and mix in a pot.

Methods of preparing ostrich eggs are no different from the rest - their contents just poured into the pan, and is used for cooking large portions dishes. Ready omelette of ostrich eggs can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.

Despite the similarities with chicken, ostrich eggs have a rich flavor, which allows their use in baking, in order to make baking a delicious taste.

Typically culinary masterpieces from ostrich eggs are presented in the celebrations: birthdays, anniversaries, Easter.