Useful properties of orange

A  Orange
 pelsin contains vitamin C, B1, PP, B2, A, phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, citric acid and ascorbic acid, thiamin, pectin.

Useful properties of orange can be used to support the endocrine, nervous, cardiovascular, digestive system of humans. The flesh is orange good heals sores and wounds.

The orange juice contains volatile, have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial activity, it can be used in treatment of scurvy. It is noticed that orange juice tones, improves metabolism.

Also orange characterized in that it contains citric acid protects against the accumulation of nitrites and nitrates.

It is known for its beneficial properties and orange oil. It is produced from the peel of fruits, leaves and flowers of orange trees. For the production of oil used bitter and sweet orange, however it may differ in flavor, the content of active substances. The oil has antibacterial, deodorant, tonic, antiseptic, antispasmodic properties, it helps with depression, anorexia, improves appetite, increases visual acuity, relieves inflammation of the gums, removes bile, stimulates the immune system.


Regular consumption of oranges because of pectin and fiber helps to establish digestion, bowel function, reduce passing it putrefaction, prevent constipation. It is believed that the red sweet orange useful in obesity. Orange also helps with vitamin deficiency, hypertension, gout, atherosclerosis, low acidity of gastric secretions, weak secretion of bile.

Regular consumption of orange juice is useful for people with diseases of the liver and lungs, anemia, diseases of the joints. But a good effect is observed after combined juices, for example, an orange and an apple - both components are rich in pectin, so a positive effect on the intestine, or orange and lemon - the juice nourishes the most vitamin C.

Also, due to vitamin C orange and lemon mixed with honey are beneficial to vessels: clean them and reinforce, reduce cholesterol levels and therefore help prevent stroke, angina, heart attack.

For the prevention of cardiovascular disease is a drug prepared from orange and lemon: a meat grinder passed two pieces of orange and lemon, mixed with two tablespoons of honey in a glass bowl shift, insisting day after stored in the refrigerator. Means a preventive measure taken for 30 minutes. before meals daily - 2 teaspoons.

In severe menstrual pain helps orange liqueur. To prepare orange peel crushed, pour boiling water, boil for half an hour. The cooled, strained broth take 3-4r / day for 50g.

Remove the heat will help infusion 3-4 orange slices, filled with 50 ml of boiling water. The present half-hour segments, you can take a drink every half to two hours and the temperature is gradually reduced. That means the child can be treated and, if he is not allergic to citrus.

As a means of relieving withdrawal symptoms after excessive use of alcohol, you can use the juice from the orange, mixed with the yolk of a fresh egg.

For the treatment of gastritis with decreased secretion prepare an infusion of orange peel, sweet flag root, leaves trifoliate watch, wormwood. All components are taken over 20g. For the treatment of the collection is poured boiling water: one tablespoon of it has to a glass of boiled water, in a thermos 6-8ch. Take the infusion of 100ml after eating 3 times a day.

Orange because of its positive effects on the intestine include in the diet. A diet based on the oranges, apples and cabbage, implies the exclusion of salt, fat, sweet. You can eat lean meat, drink the juice from an orange and apple. Cabbage can be eaten fresh in a salad, stew or cook cabbage soup. Diet for oranges, apples and cabbage can be two weeks, combining it with exercise.

Useful properties of oranges available when using oil. To prevent colds, improve overall health and mood, you can deodorize the room using the oil burner (3-5kap. 15m.kv. oil on the premises), take a bath with the addition of 6kap. oil massage. In diseases of the joints and muscles to help rubbing: 7-8kap. oil is mixed with 10 g of a neutral base.

When colds and respiratory tract infections are helping with oil inhalation: 2-3kap. to 250ml of water.

 Orange oil
 Good effect of orange oil, which is enriched cosmetics such as shampoos for dandruff and dry hair: drip 5kap. 10g butter on shampoo or body creams: 5kap. 15g on the basics.

Healing useful properties orange is used to treat sores, bleeding gums removal: make application of orange oil mixed with any other oil.

Orange oil can be taken orally: it suffices to add one drop of oil to the juice or tea twice per day. It is very good for obesity, hypertension, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, insomnia.

To select a juicy, sweet orange, you need to pay attention to its weight, size - heavy, medium and small fruits more delicious than the big and light. It is also believed that sweet oranges that are suitable for long term storage - it is those who gathered in late November and December.

Contraindications to the use of orange

Orange oil can not be taken orally in the form of pure glucose and more than three drops per day. In order to avoid increased sensitivity can not be before leaving the premises on the street to apply oil to the skin of an orange - you can use it for about an hour before the release.

Despite the useful properties, orange is a strong allergen, so if you are hypersensitive fresh fruit, juice and butter should not be consumed.

Natural to assume a slight burning and tingling of the skin on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, shoulders when taking baths with orange oil.

You can not brush your teeth immediately after eating an orange or juice from it: because of the acid-containing tooth enamel is softened and a toothbrush may damage it. Conduct hygiene procedures is possible only through 30 minutes after eating the fruit.