Mussels - a double-wing clams.  Mussels - clams
 Their shell is smooth, has a length of about 20, 0 cm. The outer shell color purple, golden-brown or yellowish-green color, and inside it is covered with a layer of nacre. Mussels live in large colonies on coastal stones and feed on plankton. They are very prolific, during the spawning season, each female emits up to 20 million eggs. These mollusks easily tolerate changes in water temperature and salinity. Pacific mussels live about 30 years, Northern - 11 - 12 years, and the Black Sea up to 6 years. The mussel shells often find gems.

Biologists called mussels active filtrates seawater. They actively passed through the body water, purifying it of various contaminants. But, however, the result of this process in the body mussels are deposited various toxic substances. They do not cause any harm shellfish.

The spread of mussels

Mussels are found in tropical and temperate waters of the oceans. In Russia, this mollusk is mined in the Far East and the Black Sea. In many countries, the mussels are not only actively mined in their natural habitat, but also bred iskustvennno, in special "farms", such as France, Japan, Belgium. And the first "farms" have been created in the XIII century Dutch sailors.

The properties of mussels and their composition

 Mussels - a source of polyunsaturated fatty acids
 100 0 gram of mussel meat contains 3 grams of carbohydrates 3, 2, 0, and 11 grams of fat, 5 grams of protein, i.e. protein content of more than the fish or meat. In addition, the mussels are many vitamins B, D and E, as well as mineral salts, iron and phosphorus. Use mussels it consists in the fact that they contain a large amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids having a strong antioxidant effect. High concentrations of zinc in meat mussel has a positive effect on male potency and that is why doctors call mussel natural "Viagra". It is proved that mussels strengthens the immune system, improves metabolism. Hematologists note that in some diseases for which there is an increase of blood clotting, the meat of these mollusks have a healing effect.

Calorie mussels is very low. 100, 0 grams of meat contains only 77 calories. Due to this low calorie mussel can eat without fear of all who are watching their weight. Besides the gourmet seafood can be safely included in the diet of people suffering from obesity, diabetes. Low calorie mussel combined with the fact that they contain a large amount of easily digestible protein, making them indispensable in dietary nutrition.

In order to maximize the benefits of mussels revealed them should be used simultaneously with cereals or vegetables.


Meat of mussels has the ability to thin the blood, so it should not be used in food for people suffering from disorders of blood coagulation function. Another feature of mussels is their high allergenicity. In this connection, this product should be completely excluded from the diet of persons suffering from allergic diseases.

Hazardous properties of mussels

Living in water mussels, as mentioned above, perform filtering function. Their bodies can accumulate pathogens, toxins, poisons. During his life in the wild, these clams accumulate a toxin secreted by protozoa - saxitoxin with a nerve. These factors can negate all the benefits of mussels. That is why in developed countries waive their prey in marine waters and are grown in special "farms." A month before the dispatch of mussels in stores, they are placed in running water. With this method it is possible to almost completely cleanse the body of shellfish containing these harmful substances.

When buying mussels, always remember what the harm and benefit of mussels when they are dangerous, and when they can be safely eaten. Never eat freshly caught mussels, as in which the maximum content of toxic substances that destroy using acid or heat treatment is not possible.