Volnushki - it mushrooms of the genus mlechnikov, family Russula, agaricales order.  Volnushki - family Russula mushrooms
 Volnushki as all mlechniki are lamellar mushrooms .  The plates are light or pinkish, often located, thin .  Mushroom caps volnushki has a diameter of 4 to 15 cm .  The shape of the cap is different sunken middle and curved edge .  Leg at volnushki loose, hollow inside .  Fruiting bodies contain caustic sap that has a light color .  Basically volnushki begin to appear in July and grow to early October .  In midsummer the fungus found in small amounts .  But in August and September, a lot of them appears immediately .  They grow in groups, form a ring of witches .  Volnushki typical for Eurasia .  In our country, these fungi are found in Siberia and the Far East, and in the European part .  Grow mushrooms volnushki in coniferous and mixed forests, meadows and moderately grassy edges .  The main condition for their growth is the presence in the soil the roots of trees .  The most well volnushki coexist with birch .  These mushrooms are mycorrhiza formers for these trees .  This means that between the roots of birch fungus mycelium volnushki formed a special relationship - a mutually beneficial symbiosis .  The highest yields of this species of fungi are usually collected in the rainy warm weather .  The people volnushki mushrooms are popular .  Their taste is considered to be pleasant .  Connoisseurs say that palatability volnushki still inferior to Sandy, but quite comparable with the penny .  Some small minus is considered bitterness cooked volnushki .  Nutritional value in this fungus high .  It is rich in proteins, vitamins, trace elements .

Volnushki pink and white

There are two subspecies volnushek: pink and white. Pink mushrooms larger. The cap has a beautiful light pink color with concentric bands. Leg length is 5-6 cm. Salty volnushki lose their beautiful color and become gray-white.

White subspecies smaller. His hat is not more than 10 cm in diameter. Color fungus - off-white, leg - up to 4 cm.

Poisoning volnushki

Volnushki considered conditionally edible mushrooms .  This means that they can not eat without thorough cooking .  Mushrooms contain volnushki bitter and corrosive substances that cause eating disorders .  Within two hours after eating raw volnushki develop nausea, diarrhea, pain .  Malaise may last up to 48 hours .  The degree of severity of the condition depends on individual sensitivity, the amount eaten mushrooms, the presence of digestive diseases .  Poisoning volnushki - an acute inflammation of the intestines and stomach .  Treatment in this situation is to comply with bed rest, excessive drinking, food restriction for 1-2 days .  They can be assigned binding agents and adsorbents .  Prevent poisoning volnushki very easy .  It is necessary to boil the collected mushrooms for 15 minutes in sufficient water .  Broth volnushek need to pour .  After this treatment, corrosive tar-like substance is completely removed from the fungi, which means that they are safe .  Now they can cook: fry, pickle, pickle .

False volnushki

As such there is no false volnushek. Volnushki confused with any poisonous kind can only inexperienced mushroom. Sometimes for volnushki accept conditionally edible skripitsy and backswimmers. These fungi also belong to the genus mlechnikov and require special cooking. False volnushki may mistakenly call a subspecies of the white mushroom.  The most common way of cooking volnushek - salting

Salty volnushki

The process of salting volnushek consuming. For the preparation of pickled mushrooms choose young, strong volnushki without wormholes. Previously they need to rinse well. First volnushki soak, changing water 2-3 times during the day. Further, they should be boiled for 15 minutes in salted water with the spices (allspice, clove currant leaves). Mushrooms are further placed in a colander and thoroughly washed with running water. Then volnushki need dry. While dry mushrooms - chop herbs, garlic. Further, in a sterile container at the bottom of the salt is poured and spread layers of mushrooms, each layer add salt, allspice (3-4 pieces), herbs. The layers have to be laid tightly. Top volnushki need to pour oil. Salting is ready. Try volnushki better not earlier than one week. Most good taste salty volnushki gain in 40-50 days. Especially recommended to serve them with meals made from potatoes.

Fried volnushki

Although volnushki traditionally use salt, they can and fry. Try to cook fried volnushki with cream sauce the second. This will require the mushrooms, onion, garlic, parsley, carrots, salt, pepper, sour cream. Mushrooms sorted, cleaned and washed. Then boil them for 30 minutes in salted water. Next, it is necessary to discard mushrooms in a colander. Onions and garlic fried in a pan. Was added thereto and sliced ​​mushrooms deep fried all together for 10 minutes. Then add grated carrots, parsley, salt and pepper. In a pan put the sour cream and fried dish for 3-5 minutes.

There are other recipes for fried volnushek. So, sometimes offer pre-fry salted mushrooms.