Moonshine - a homemade hard liquor. Moonshine is a pair of chilled ethanol, which is released when heated and prolonged boiling alcohol-containing mass. Alcohol-containing mass (Braga) for the preparation of an alcoholic beverage obtained by fermentation of potato, beet, sugar, cereals and other products, which is composed of sugar or saccharified starch components.  Moonshine - homemade liquor

The story of moonshine

Initially, moonshine was not intoxicating drink and medical infusion. This value moonshine vodka is described in the Novgorod Chronicle in 1533. While in Russia, made moonshine four grades: "Wine Bor" (drink the highest grade), "double wine" (moonshine vodka special strength), "good wine" and "wine easy." Russian moonshine early nineteenth century by the superior quality of French cognac and English whiskey. This drink at the time was much more expensive than gold. Each manorial estates had their own ways of cooking brew. Distilling the eighteenth-nineteenth centuries was the name and not of a commercial nature.

It is in this drink near the Kremlin opened the first tavern. Visit his authorized only oprichniki ("royal dogs"). At the time for deeds not awarded orders and so-called royal bucket. The owner of such an award in any place could free drink as much vodka as he can scoop into the bucket at a time.

Composition of moonshine

For the production of moonshine vodka requires raw materials. Ingredients primarily depends on the availability of raw materials in each region. Depending on the components share the following types of vodka: fruit or fruit and berry, potato, beet, corn. In addition to the main ingredient of which is prepared Braga, in the homemade vodka includes water, sugar and candied starch. In preparing the brew is also used as a yeast starter.

100 grams moonshine vodka contained 33 g of alcohol 3 66 g of water, 0, 1 g of ashes, 0, 1 g of mono-and disaccharides, 1 mg potassium, 1 mg calcium and 10 mg of sodium.

Types of moonshine

In the world traditions of liquor following types of vodka: moonshine - American homemade vodka, chichi casera - moonshine, produced in Latin America, Schwarzgebranntes - German moonshine liquor, Samogon or Bimber - Polish brew. Residents of France have come up with their own way of cooking brew called tord-boyaux. Latvians this strong drink called kandza, and Lithuanians - samogonas.

Use moonshine

Some connoisseurs of the drink say that there is a real benefit of home-made vodka, cooked according to old family recipes. It is estimated that only 40-50 grams of vodka and pepper will help prevent colds. In folk medicine, there are many recipes moonshine compresses and friction with fever, joint pains, colds.

In 1951, an American professor of cardiology at the White list of the best heart drugs has put alcohol on the second place after the drug nitroglycerin series. According to American doctors, regular and moderate consumption of alcohol, including vodka, strengthens the cardiovascular system, protect the walls of blood vessels from atherosclerotic lesions, significantly reduces the risk of developing arthritis. Alcohol reduces the concentration of harmful cholesterol in blood plasma and increases the diameter of the coronary vascular spasms and blocks them, and also helps to reduce blood clotting.

Harm moonshine

However, the harm to the human body brew more evident than the benefits. Distillation weight alcohol a so-called crude alcohol, which contains a significant amount of secondary components (fusel oil, methanol) causing persistent irreversible changes in the human body.

The composition of the fusel oils are poisonous impurities - isoamyl, isopropyl alcohol and acetic ethyl ester. This oil causes spasms, inhibits cellular respiration and affects the central nervous system. If all the toxic properties of ethanol as unity, then this type of oil is equal to the value of nineteen.  Moonshine pepper

Isoamyl alcohol is particularly toxic. If you get the alcohol on the skin there burning, blisters are formed. Amyl alcohol depresses brain activity, and propyl alcohol and isopropyl significantly inhibit carbohydrate liver function.

Considerable damage to brew causes the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract. The systematic use of the drink large quantities of shell thinning, which can lead to stomach bleeding and peptic ulcer disease. The liver is the body with the neutralization of poison any significant load, so increases the risk of cirrhosis of its cells.

Excessive consumption of moonshine reduces the body's defenses and contributes to the emergence of infectious diseases - tuberculosis, lung abscess, bronchiectasis.

Intoxication caused by a home-made vodka, comes very quickly, almost instantly, and lasts a very long time. Confusion arising upon excitation, goes into deep sleep with a headache after waking up.

Methods for the preparation of moonshine

Over the years, the brew was produced in various ways. Before our time has remained popular so-called "artisanal or home-brew", which is produced in a homemade device. There is also industrial production of this alcoholic beverage. However, it is believed that the moonshine vodka industrial production can not match the taste and quality of its artisanal counterparts.