Melotriya - is a perennial or annual plant of the gourd family.  Melotriya - plant family Cucurbitaceae
 Homeland melotrii according to different versions considered North America, Africa. In appearance resembles a vine plant, its flowers are bright yellow, and the fruit look like small cucumbers, covered with green skin reminiscent of watermelon rind. Also known as melotrii - African cucumber, melon mouse, Mexican sour gherkin.

Useful properties melotrii

Melotrii Fruits are rich in fiber, so their regular consumption helps prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer, bile output, lower cholesterol.

In addition, the fiber, which is the fruit melotrii helps keep your weight as quickly causes a feeling of satiety, preventing thereby overeating.

Calorie African cucumber is about 15 calories, which once again proves the benefit melotrii as a product of diet.

 Melotriya - African cucumber
 With melotrii can arrange fasting days to taste the fruits of exotic plants like cucumber, respectively, they are suitable for the preparation of the traditional "summer" salads. For bowel cleansing and weight maintenance can be done one or two days a week unloading: eat only salads with melotriey and tomatoes or peppers. As refueling is allowed to use lemon juice or yogurt.

Contraindications melotrii

Fresh melotriyu desirable to use those with increased acidity of gastric juice, found peptic ulcer or gastritis.

Fresh recommended melotriyu there until her young fruits, and peels have not coarsened and more mature cucumbers should salting and pickling. They, in turn, is undesirable to use those suffering liver diseases, the cardiovascular system, kidney, gastrointestinal tract, as well as atherosclerosis, hypertension. Pregnant women are also desirable to refrain from the use of salt or pickled fruits African cucumber.