Lemon - a hybrid of an evergreen tree with a spreading, pyramidal crown and leathery leaves. Height  The fruit of a lemon
 trees can reach five meters. It belongs to the genus Citrus (Rutaceae family).

Lemon called, and the fruit of this plant. Lemon - old vitamin treatment and preventative tool. His birthplace is traditionally considered to be India and subtropical and tropical regions of Southeast Asia. The area of ​​this fruit later spread to other parts of the world.

Food value and caloric lemon

One hundred grams of citrus fruit contained 0, 6 mg of iron, 0 to 125 mg zinc, 240 ug copper, 0, 04 mg of manganese, 10 mg of fluoride, 1 microgram and 175 micrograms of molybdenum boron.

The flesh of the fruit is rich in vitamins. Thus, one hundred grams of lemon fruit contained 0, 01 mg beta-carotene 2 mg of vitamin A, 0, 04 mg thiamine (vitamin B1), 0, 02 mg of riboflavin (vitamin B2), 0, 2 mg vitamin B5, 0, 06 mg vitamin B6, vitamin B9 9 mg, 40 mg vitamin C, 0, 2 mg of vitamin E, and 0 2 mg of vitamin PP. In addition, the pulp contains vitamin F (citrine), which is contained exclusively in citrus. Citrine - phenolic compound having a high biological activity and possessing therapeutic properties.

The structure also includes the pulp of citrus pectin, sugar, coumarin derivatives, volatile, flavonoids, sesquiterpenes, eriotsitrin, hesperidin ieridiktiol. The composition includes a fatty seed essential oil and limonene - a bitter substance. In the skin of the fruit contains 0, 4-0, 5% of essential oil.

Calorie lemon low. Calorie-hundred grams of pulp limona- about 40 calories. Calorie Lemon average size is about 44 calories. Calorie cup of tea with a teaspoon of lemon juice - about 15 calories.

One hundred grams of fruit contained 0, 9 g protein, 0, 1 g fat, 3 g carbohydrates, 2 g of dietary fiber and 88 g of water.

Useful properties of a lemon

Useful properties of a lemon to the human body are explained by the presence of large amounts of nutrients and minerals in its composition. The unique use of lemon is that this citrus is capable in all seasons to provide the human body needs useful components - in the spring, in the period of beriberi, and in the winter to maintain immunity.

Useful properties of lemon multifaceted. Use lemon is its anti-inflammatory, tonic, anthelmintic, anti-inflammatory, wound healing and anti-sclerotic effect.

As a medical plant used lemon juice, pulp and peel. The pulp and juice of lemon is very useful in urolithiasis, gastro-intestinal diseases, vitamin deficiency, high blood pressure. These are useful citrus and edema, viral and infectious diseases, hemorrhoids, gastritis with low acidity, as well as in dropsy, tuberculosis. Benefit lemon brings in pregnancy (as a remedy for nausea during toxicosis).

Lemon - a powerful natural solvent and dezintoksikator. For various poisonings lemon juice speeds up the process of releasing the body of toxins. He is able to bring even those deposits toxins, which could not bring other sredstvami.Limon effectively combats putrefaction in the body, enhancing the effect of liver enzymes.

Lemon juice is used for rheumatism, sciatica, gout. Citric acid is capable of dissolving uric acid and its deposition in cartilage and joints. Citric acid - an excellent tool for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis. Lemon juice is effective against the aphthous mouth and throat diseases.

lemon juice  A slice of lemon
 whitens and softens the skin, relieves scalp from dandruff, increases its blood supply. In addition, lemon juice strengthens nails, reduces the fat content of the hair.

Lemon essential oil - liquid light green or pale yellow, obtained by pressing fresh lemon peel. Lemon oil improves mood, refreshes and disinfects the air in the room. It destroys bacteria, viruses and fungal infection, reduces the risk of contamination. So, oil neutralizes the typhoid bacterium Staphylococcus aureus and fifteen minutes. Lemon oil is often used to treat wounds and stop bleeding, as well as for removing warts and calluses. In low concentrations (two or three drops) is used for the preparation and invigorating bath softens the skin and massage.

The infusion of lemon peel is used to improve appetite. Broth rind used as an agent for prevention of stroke and hypertension. If the headache is recommended to the temples applying fresh lemon peel wet side. Regular massaging the inside of the bleeding gums of fresh lemon peel accelerate their healing.

In the spring when vitamin deficiency is recommended to drink a glass of hot water, which dissolved one or two teaspoons of honey and the juice of one lemon. A mixture of lemon, carrot, orange and apple juice is used for the prevention of arrhythmia. The mixture of citrus and garlic helps cleanse the blood vessels and improve overall body tone.

To maintain health it is recommended to use at least one lemon per day. Nutritionists recommend eating lemon juice mixed with honey.