Scampi - Dublin shrimp or Norway lobster
 The representative of crustaceans, lobster next of kin, although superficially more like a lobster, is considered one of the most delicious seafood delicacies. Scampi has many names: the British Isles called Dublin shrimp, Italy - Scampi. The traditional habitat is the north-eastern waters of the Atlantic, from Iceland and Norway to Morocco. Also, a fishing carried out in the North and Adriatic Seas.

Useful properties of langoustines

Skampa have ten feet, strong sharp downward orange or bright pink shell and long claws ringed. The size of this marine life is 12 to 25 cm. They live langoustines at a depth of 45-250 m in the caves that they themselves dug into the soft ground. During the day they holed up in their homes, and at night come out to hunt.

Valued langoustines for tender, juicy meat has a delicate and refined taste, which is in the rear, and is considered a dietary. But in Dublin shrimp claws it not at all. Especially tasty these representatives crustaceans caught right before cooking.

Because the langoustines almost can not exist without water, before transporting them first boiled and then frozen, which is not the best way affects their taste. Therefore, in the field of fishing usually sell live lobsters, previously placed in a special tube. It helps protect against the tenacious claws and is an indicator of high quality langoustines.

The freshness of the seafood with the purchase can be identified by smell. The absence of the characteristic smell of fish in the crook between the tail and armor indicates fresh scampi. Meat langoustine a source of digestible protein, fatty acids, as well as a list of useful trace elements - zinc, phosphorus, copper, and selenium. Total 100 g of the product contains 33% of the daily norm of iodine and copper, 20% magnesium, 10% calcium.

Include in your diet a few dishes from langoustines, whose recipes are not complicated, you can significantly improve the immune system. Eating meat that representative crustaceans:

  • It strengthens bones;
  • Improves eyesight;
  • It normalizes the metabolism;
  • It maintains the health of hair and skin;
  • Promotes efficient work of the brain;
  • Has beneficial effects on the circulatory system;
  • Prevents premature aging;
  • It is a wonderful antidepressant.

Scientists have long found that people who eat a lot of seafood, particularly langoustines, less likely to suffer all sorts of diseases. The effect is achieved thanks to their easy digestibility and saturate the body with minerals.

How to cook the langoustines

As the representative of the crustacean meat contains only 90 calories, it is often included in various diets. Dinner Scampi will not add extra weight, but due to the large amount of protein energy. Since this product is considered a delicacy by sea, it is part of the food in many countries.

In Japanese cuisine there is a dish called "tempura" - a grilled langoustine tempura. The French added the meat of crustaceans representative in his famous bouillabaisse and the soup is ortezski. In Italy scampi - one of their components risotto, and in Spain it is often added to paella.

How to cook the langoustines? The initial step in the process of turning them into culinary dish is cooking. For this lobster batches of ten pieces immersed for 30 seconds in boiling salted water. It is important not to overdo it seafood, otherwise the meat will turn tough.

Immediately after cooking, you must start cleaning langoustines: the head gently to separate from the body, the shell split the blunt side of a knife, then the meat is easily squeezed out of the tail. Claws, head and shell can then be used for making soup or sauce, as they are very fragrant.

You can also cook fried langoustines grilled with vegetables, pre-lubricated with butter with mint and basil, or simply move them to the table boiled whole with lemon, lettuce and olives.

Recipes with langoustines:

  • Risotto. In a high pan with olive oil throw a clove of garlic, then add the meat to the cleaned scampi. Slightly fry and pour a glass of brandy to give it evaporate over high heat. Put there a couple of tablespoons of tomato puree and cook it for about 10 minutes langoustines. Pre preparing soup from the head and claws crustaceans. The following fry rice with finely chopped onions, pour broth and all give him a little to evaporate. When the rice is almost ready, pour it with cream from crushed lobster meat with cream. Serve and garnish with the remaining carcasses scampi;
  •  Scampi - recipes with seafood
 Paella. Boil saffron 500 ml of water. Scampi cut in half, cleaned from shrimp shell. Pour into a pan of olive oil, add the crushed garlic clove there, seafood fry gently and pour part of the saffron water. After a while, pour the remaining broth to the pan and slowly pour the rice. Reduce heat and cook paella fifteen minutes, until tender;
  • Roasted langoustines with parsley and garlic. Greens finely chopped and mixed with vegetable oil and lemon juice, add peeled lobster sauce and garlic. Leave on for half an hour to well-marinated shellfish. Prepare them garnish: peel avocado and tomato peel, chop all the cubes, pour the vegetable oil and lemon juice, salt and pepper. Scampi fry in a dry frying pan strongly heated and served with salad.

There are many recipes with langoustines. Regular consumption of seafood has a positive effect on health. They are especially useful for those who are struggling with being overweight. Note, however, that in the minds of these sea creatures contain much cholesterol.