Kelp (seaweed) - genus of algae, many species of which are suitable for human consumption. Kelp  The use of kelp in cosmetology
 It grows in the sea coastal zone, along the currents, to form a so-called "zones of kelp," which are characterized by abundant growth of algae.

The use of seaweed

In stores kelp supplied raw, canned or frozen. Often, you can meet and dried kelp. By purchasing any of the above options kelp, you can be guaranteed to be a useful, rich in trace elements and vitamins products.

Kelp is renowned for the high content of iodine, which is part of the organic compounds algae. The organic form of iodine is better absorbed by the body, which allows to recommend kelp for the prevention and treatment of endemic goiter. Besides iodine contained in seaweed potassium, cobalt, magnesium, sodium, chlorine, bromine and sulfur. Kelp is rich in ascorbic acid, B vitamins, vitamin PP and E.

Kelp has also found its application in gynecology and cosmetology. So, sticks of kelp used to stimulate cervical dilatation in labor.

Seaweed is used to prepare a separate dish, but also acts as an additional ingredient. Kelp can be added to a variety of salads, soups, used for frying meat and vegetables.

Despite the obvious benefits, kelp hits the spot not to all people. In this case, you can use dried kelp, which can be added to food in small quantities. The taste of food does not appreciably change, and the body receives all the necessary nutrients.

Dry kelp is actually the same seaweed, which is dried in place for collecting and packed in the package. It can be stored for a long time and do not take up much space. Thus it is always possible to pour warm water to get the product that is identical to the fresh seaweed.

Laminaria slimming

Laminaria in the use of it in food for weight loss as well as possible. Its caloric value is only 7-15 calories per 100 grams of fresh seaweed. Effect of laminaria diet due to the fact that seaweed, filling the stomach, causing a feeling of satiety, but the energy efficiency of the meal is very small. Another way to use laminaria for weight loss is soaking dried  Laminaria in the package
 kelp in cold water. Soaked kelp leave to infuse for a day, filter and take 2-3 tablespoons in case of hunger. In the opinion of kelp helps not to think about food for the next 2-3 hours.

Wraps with laminaria can effectively fight against stretch marks, sagging skin and cellulite. Fat layer becomes smaller due to the activation of metabolic processes in cells and tissues.

If you use an integrated approach for losing weight Laminaria (wraps and ingestion) remain extremely positive reviews of kelp as a means of combating obesity and cosmetic defects associated with obesity.

The damage kelp

For all its useful qualities kelp can be harmful. Kelp tend to absorb toxic substances, if they are in an environment in which the seaweed grows. Given the fact that, for cosmetic purposes in the food industry a wild kelp currently is not widely applied widely to talk about this risk factor is not necessary.

Laminaria is not recommended to eat at a thyrotoxicosis in which there is excess thyroid hormone synthesis, as iodine, which is part of the kelp may aggravate the disease.

Occasionally there are cases of individual intolerance of seaweed, which also need to remember, to use it inside for the first time. Particular care should be administered in the diet of kelp children.