Useful properties of lamb

Lamb - yearling sheep meat pale red or reddish-brown.  Lamb - yearling sheep meat pale red or reddish brown

Separately isolated and meat sheep and young lambs meat milk. Young lambs slaughtered between the ages of 3 months to a year, suckling lamb is considered an animal under the age of eight weeks. Meat juveniles differ pale pink, fat he is bright and is easily separated.

It is believed that the more useful properties endowed lamb Kalmyk breed. It has no specific smell of meat and vitamins, trace elements in it more than in the meat of sheep other breeds.

The lamb meat contains magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, selenium, manganese, fluoride, vitamins K, D, B, Ye

Calorie lamb: hams and blades - 380 kcal, the dorsal part - 459kKal, sternum - 533kKal.

As fat lamb superior beef and pork. This feature meat and mutton high calorie diet is taken into account in the preparation of those who are involved in sports, practicing power loads - bodybuilders, athletes, wrestlers.

Furthermore, such properties are known and mutton, the stimulation of the pancreas and hence, the prevention of diabetes.

Due to the high iron content and caloric lamb is recommended to use with anemia, reduced hemoglobin.

Application of lamb meat

Sheep meat is well absorbed and it is believed that the use of the lamb will be greater if you eat it cooked. Useful and broth, cooked in the mutton, especially in gastritis with low acidity. For cooking, are more suitable for neck, shoulder blade and brisket.

Before heat treatment lamb to wash and remove her fat. Cook meat 1 5-2ch, removing the foam.

 As fat lamb superior beef and pork
 Use lamb not only in meat. In folk medicine used mutton fat, but from pork and beef fat, he is more melting and high cholesterol. Effective prevention of fat and directly in treating colds, influenza, angina. For the preparation of therapeutic drink in warmed milk and honey dissolved fat - 1 st tablespoon. Drink a remedy recommended hot.

Well cough helps and means cooked on mutton fat, aloe, honey, butter and cocoa. With the need to grind the meat grinder 4-5 large leaves of aloe, melt 200g mutton fat and 250g of oil. By the melted fat and oil need to add 250g of honey, spoon a tablespoon of cocoa and chopped aloe, mix well. Take a mixture of spoon 3 times daily before meals to cure cough. Keep it in the cold. For the prevention of bronchitis, colds, after colds can be taken daily for half a spoon of this means 2-3 times a day before meals.

Harm lamb

It is undesirable to eat mutton for those who suffer kidney disease, liver and gallbladder.

Harm lamb may cause those who have poor digestion, stomach ulcers detected or gastritis with high acidity, arthritis, gout - the disease can progress. Given that the lamb is very oily, and it has a lot of cholesterol, it is not recommended to have any problems with the heart and blood vessels. For this reason, the lamb is undesirable to give children, should limit consumption of this meat elderly. It is believed that there is no benefit from its lamb with constant use and for a healthy person, because This increases the risk of atherosclerosis.

The damage can cause the lamb and if in addition to her diet does not include other meat. Iodine it contains insufficient, and therefore may suffer thyroid function.