Kefir - the most popular dairy product
 Among absolutely all fermented milk products, which are now available in the world for a reason yogurt ranked first, because its share of the issue is 65% of total production. If we talk about the origin of the product, all the scientists, as one, they say that it is the birthplace of the Caucasus. This is logical, as the longevity of the Caucasian people is explained by the appearance of such a healthy food. Yet the origin of the word for the most useful fermented milk product is attributed to the Turks, in the language of which he is also due to the well-being and health.

A bit of history

Earlier in the Caucasus kefir was considered a real gift of heaven, which is the secret of making Caucasians did not trust anyone. That today we already know that this wonderful product is made from a special fungus, which confer it a truly healing properties. It kefir starter has the highest value for the Highlanders, so it has been linked to many specific rituals and ceremonies. The most bizarre is that to sell to someone leaven was impossible, or fungi lose their magical properties. So widespread was enough "kidnapping" - when people who needed the fungi, the owners themselves quietly suggested they steal, and only after that the kidnapper owner brought "miracle seeds" assigned amount. They could also be given as a dowry a girl, but the bride before the wedding and had to steal them, to continue to bring in a new family.

The composition and useful properties of kefir

The body assimilates yogurt three times faster than milk, and the milk product is perfectly stimulates digestion, so that other food is absorbed much faster. It is known that uptake of proteins is not always easy, but do not cause any difficulties namely those proteins which are contained in yogurt.

Also high content of the product carbohydrates and fats, fatty acids and organic acids. In addition, the use of yogurt is in the fact that it is a source of cholesterol and natural sugars, beta-carotene, vitamin PP, C, A, H and of group B. The vast amount in yogurt and calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, chlorine, phosphorus, zinc, iodine, iron, manganese, copper, cobalt, selenium, manganese, cobalt, molybdenum, and many other minerals.

Kefir is a dietary product. The lean embodiment contains only 32 kcal per 100 g of the fat and calorie type is 58 kcal / 100g

Eating yogurt

According to reviews, yogurt is indispensable for gastritis, which is characterized by low acidity, so it is recommended to use regularly. Nutritionists advise people with this disorder to drink it three times a day for half a cup.

In violation of the digestive benefits of kefir will be significant, to use it without sugar. If desired, you can add 1 ch. L. honey. You can not drink kefir, which is just out of the refrigerator is not recommended to use it overheated or warm, it is better that it be room temperature.

Properties of yogurt helps to cope with great heaviness in the stomach and dysbiosis, because lactic acid bacteria that live in it, activate the bowels, without the ability to provide a variety of pathogenic organisms multiply digested casein, which is difficult to digest, promote the absorption of calcium, iron and vitamins, and also inhibit a variety of processes of decay and fermentation.

Essential kefir bacteria and in the treatment of disorders of the endocrine system, especially pancreas diseases or diabetes. The use of yogurt is in normalization of blood glucose levels.

Delightful property yogurt, reviews confirm in the fight against obesity - it improves bowel function and helps the body much faster to get rid of toxins and mucus. That explains the popularity of such diets kefir. If the yogurt will be a component of fasting days, he will very quickly say goodbye with a few extra pounds.

With regular use of fermented milk, and you can say goodbye to osteoporosis, which is a very serious problem. Good Kefir product contains a lot of calcium, which is almost completely absorbed.

With a variety of allergic diseases and asthma is every morning to drink a glass of this miraculous beverage, and seasonal exacerbation it will help get rid of the seizures.

 Kefir - a dietary product, is used extensively in a variety of diets
 The properties of kefir helps in the fight against various skin problems such as rash, peeling, itching, they prevent the appearance of sores and cracks. It is not necessary to use it inside, you can just make lotions.

Good to drink a glass of the product for hypertension, especially when doctors prescribed split meals.

Scientists say that yogurt, reviews confirm this, relaxes and soothes, it can reduce irritability and significantly reduce the weight, which is a consequence of stress. In general, if you are in the doldrums, it is best to start each day with a cup of yogurt.


Also good, yogurt can bring negative consequences if you do not know contraindications. It is strictly forbidden to use the product to people who are allergic to all milk and milk products.

We do not recommend the use of yogurt and people who are prone to indigestion, that is a functional bowel disorder. Negative effects may arise and suffering from a stomach ulcer or increased secretion of gastric juice.