Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) - mulberry plant family with large leathery oval leaves, called Indian bread tree. Reaches 20 meters in height, however, are not different branches of jackfruit strength, and the fruits are formed on the largest and hardiest of them.  Jackfruit - mulberry tree family

Fruits jackfruit can be called the biggest of edible growing on the trees. The length of the jackfruit is 110 cm, diameter of the fruit - about 20 cm, can weigh 34 kg. Peel thick, covered with a variety of cone-shaped projections, it gives off an unpleasant putrid odor, while jackfruit pulp consisting of juicy yellow banana fibers smells. Jackfruit rind is covered with adhesive latex used to produce a high-quality adhesive, so carve the fruit is recommended in rubber gloves.

Immature fruit green jackfruit, fully ripe - brown and yellow, with rapping produces hollow sound. Overripe jackfruit has a rich brown color and is subjected to rapid deterioration, however, in a cool place it can survive without losing its taste about 1-2 months.

Homeland of the fetus is considered to India in this country has a similar distribution of jackfruit with banana and mango. Area cultural jackfruit plantation is 26 000 ha. Today jackfruit cultivation in South-East Asia and is grown mainly in order to obtain wood. Because of the bad smell that exudes its waste, jackfruit is less popular than the breadfruit.

Nutritional value of jackfruit

Ripe jackfruit contain about 40% carbohydrates, which explains the name of the other fetus - "bread for the poor." The plant is also rich in vitamins A, B, C, folic acid, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, phosphorus, and coarse fibers - a substance called "ballast". Coarse fibers present in jackfruit, reduce the synthesis of lipoproteins, cholesterol, and the rate of absorption in the gut disaccharides that protects the body from the sharp rise in blood sugar. In general, "roughage" ensure the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

A ripe jackfruit has a mild laxative effect. Cook-jackfruit leaves that are used as tea, increase lactation in nursing women.  Jackfruit - Indian breadfruit

Seeds jackfruit also apply in food: it contains about 38% carbohydrates, 6, 6 and 0% protein, 4% fat. Most often they are roasted like chestnuts.

Application of jackfruit

Properties jackfruit universal. It is believed that the plant brings good luck - so it is grown in many gardens of Bangladesh, as its national fruit. Jackfruit seeds are often used as a talisman that protects its owner from the wounds caused by sharp objects.

Jackfruit is used for medicinal purposes: flowers of the tree are antidiuretics - substances inhibit release of body fluids. Roots jackfruit used to treat diarrhea.

Ripe jackfruit used for desserts: jelly, marmalade, jam, ice cream or fruit salad. Immature prepared by analogy with the vegetables - they are fried, stewed, boiled, or used for the production of fillings for pies. In addition, the jackfruit is an excellent complement to the meat and fish dishes.

It is noteworthy that the timber plants are not damaged by termites and is not exposed to the fungus that allows its use as a building material for the construction of houses, furniture and musical instruments.