White fish or white salmon - the fish from the salmon family, which is found in the Caspian Sea.

Whitefish  Inconnu - fish of the salmon family
 can be identified by a blue back and white belly, elongated and thick torso, prominent lower jaw. The fish is sufficiently large - on average it weighs about 20 kilograms, reaches a meter in length.

Northern white fish can be called a delicacy - fish are fewer and fewer living in natural conditions.

Use belorybitcy

The northern white fish meat is vitamin PP, which is a regulator of metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, cholesterol levels, an effective means for the prevention of blood clots, prevent clogging of blood vessels.

Belorybitsa rich in iodine, nickel, chromium, zinc, molybdenum, fluorine.

Regular consumption of fish helps cleanse the body of toxins, improve metabolism.

Inconnu well absorbed, has a positive effect on digestion. The fish, in spite of her fat, nutritionists recommend, since 100 grams fillet calorie only 88 calories.

Inconnu is often recommended to patients suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, thyroid, bone. Especially useful for children to fish because it promotes the formation of bone, it prevents rickets.

It is also noticed that the consumption of fish allows cores to prevent the risk of heart attack.

How to eat white fish

In its taste white salmon is very appreciated, its meat is white, tender and fat. In the shops you can buy Russian salted fish or ice cream. Fresh white fish sold rare - because of its fat content, it quickly deteriorates and practically unsuitable for carriage over long distances.

Better to eat white fish salted, boiled, baked or steamed - it is better for the digestion. But be prepared from this fish can be anything including salmon, which, thanks to the fat content of meat belorybitcy very good at it.

Those who do not adhere to restrictions in food, like grilled white salmon. Preparing it quickly, it is important not to overdo the pan to fillet does not appear rigid crust.

Many refuse boiled fish, because they believe that its palatability yield fried. But, as noted above, boiled fish is better tolerated by the digestive tract, so give a good recipe. Boil the broth in advance of celery, parsley, leek, onion (3 bulbs), allspice, bay leaf, place the fish in it, boil until cooked, remove, cut it into slices (by the way, the northern whitefish fillets characterized in that it is easily divisible on the plate), surrounded by greenery, boiled potatoes or rice. With boiled white fish well together pickles, horseradish sauce with mushrooms.

Bake  Preparation belorybitcy
 white fish in the usual way: the fish is cut crosswise into several pieces, put into a form that spread it on top of the potatoes, if desired, add grated carrots. Pour the fish and potatoes cream, whipped with milk, flavored with salt and spices, eggs. Baked white fish no more than 20 minutes. Instead of potato can be used in this recipe Savoy cabbage or broccoli. Those who do not limit yourself, do not follow a diet you can before you put the form in the oven, sprinkle the fish with grated cheese.


White fish can not eat just because of an allergy to fish.

For the rest, so as not to hurt yourself, you should adhere to standard rules: buy fish at the store where it was stored in a refrigerator, pay attention to the period of freezing, the appearance and smell of fish.

Fried whitefish have undesirable for those who suffer inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

As fatty fish, with caution it should be used for those who have inflamed pancreas, have liver problems.