Spices hops-suneli - especially use
 Cooking - a creative process. Any dish, in addition to the basic components, and includes a variety of seasonings, which give it a specific flavor and improve the taste. In ancient times, spices were rare and valued its weight in gold, but today, most spices can be purchased at the store. One of the most versatile spices deemed hops suneli, its flavor is suitable for almost any dish.

Seasoning hops-suneli

Everyone knows the spice associated with a particular country. Seasoning hops-suneli is considered to be the property of the Georgian cuisine. Fragrant greenish mixture is a powder of dried herbs and spices. Name of seasoning in Georgian language and means nothing other than "dried herbs." The combination of ingredients of the mixture hops-suneli, the composition of which gives the dish a subtle sweet flavor and more piquant taste, matched very well.

Despite the fact that different foods requires an individual approach in the selection of spices, hops-suneli is ideally combined with any product. The first such agent is indispensable in traditional Georgian dishes - kharcho, Satsivi. Spicy mixture of hops-suneli is part of a national snacks as adjika. The aroma of dried herbs gives a special flavor of meat, fish and poultry. The powder is added in a variety of vegetable dishes, soups, marinades.

Universal spice hops-suneli is due to a large set of spices that complement and enhance the flavor of each other.

Hops-suneli - composition

All spice hops-suneli - traditional Caucasian spices - different kind of taste. Each of them brings a touch of flavor in the "common fund" This combination gives flavor to any dish. Hops-suneli, the composition of which is a remarkable set of herbs can be found on the greenish tint and unique smell.

Spice mixture consists of 13 components, with 11 of them are taken in equal parts, and 2 - a percentage of the total weight.

Spices hops-suneli - a combination of the following herbs:

  • Basil. It has a pleasant scent of allspice, depending on the variety has a anise, menthol, lemon or mint aroma;
  • Coriander. It is inherent in a kind of spicy flavor with a hint of lemon;
  • Bay leaf. The smell of spices familiar to everyone;
  • Celery. It features a very sharp persistent aroma;
  • Marjoram. Known sweet-bitter spicy taste, reminiscent of cardamom;
  • Hyssop. Adds spice hops-suneli camphor smell spicy tinge;
  • Parsley. Its pleasant aroma due to the presence of essential oils;
  • Mint. It has a refreshing taste;
  • Dill. Universally appreciated for lasting spicy flavor;
  • Fenugreek (fenugreek, fenugreek). It contains substance coumarin, by which resembles the smell of spices such as curry;
  • Summer savory. It has a very fragrant herbs, which is close to the taste of hot pepper;
  • Hot red pepper. Its name speaks for itself, it adds sharpness spices suneli hops;
  • Saffron. It has intoxicating aroma with a bitter-sweet taste.

The last two ingredients are used in seasoning hops-suneli in limited quantities. Pepper is only 2% of the total weight of cooked spiced mixture, due to its too sharp taste. Share saffron spices including hops-suneli is less than 0, 1%. Such a small amount of spices due to its high cost, which is due to complexity of production and a lot of useful properties.

The seasoning hops-suneli composition of grass can sometimes be incomplete. In this case, the mixture is made up of basil, marjoram, dill and coriander, and it includes hot pepper and saffron, their percentage remains unchanged. Herbs, besides flavoring dishes, and can have a therapeutic effect on the human body.

Useful properties of hops-suneli

All spices suneli hops are not only special aroma, but also beneficial effects on the human body. They contain many valuable nutrients. These are vitamins, mineral salts, essential oils. Each ingredient has a specific set of chemical substances and combination thereof makes universal condiment. Therapeutic effects of hops-suneli useful due to the properties of the seasoning herbs. Some of their properties:

  • Basil. It has anti-inflammatory effect, relieves stomach pain;
  • Coriander. It has a laxative and choleretic action;
  • Bay leaf. Increases immunity, combined with the other ingredients of hops-suneli calms the nervous system;
  • Celery. Increases metabolism, restores the nervous and endocrine systems;
  • Marjoram. It is used for diseases of the respiratory and digestive organs;
  •  Hops-suneli - the composition and the ratio of dried herbs
 Hyssop. It helps with disturbances in the stomach, as well as anemia;
  • Parsley. It improves digestion, used as a diuretic for edema of cardiac origin;
  • Mint. Dilates blood vessels, has a calming effect, softens the taste of hops-suneli;
  • Dill. It is a diuretic, laxative, expectorant;
  • Fenugreek. Stimulates the appetite, stimulates lactation in nursing mothers, increases male potency;
  • Savory. It has bactericidal properties, it is used as an analgesic and securing means in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Hot red pepper. It stimulates the appetite and improve digestion;
  • Saffron. It has numerous medicinal properties, being a powerful antioxidant.

Aromatic spice hops-suneli gives delicious taste to any dish. In addition, a wide range of nutrients in its composition can not only enjoy the food, but also contributes to the improvement of the whole organism. Regular use of a reasonable number of hops, spices suneli improves health by helping to get rid of various ailments.